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Futsal ID FAQs


Is the Futsal ID Program like the outdoor Academy program?
It is not the same as travel soccer but this is a comparable way to think about the program. Teams are selected based on ability, availability and commitment. The Futsal ID teams train together in preparation for local, regional, national and possibly international futsal competitions. 

What are “I.D. Days?"
I.D. days are an opportunity for Futsal staff to evaluate and identify players as potential candidates for the Futsal I.D. teams. These I.D. days are a free opportunity for players to showcase their skills and gain exposure to the game of Futsal. I.D. days are recommended for new and current players who are interested in playing in the upcoming Futsal season.  

How are teams/players selected?
Players are encouraged to attend the I.D. days in order to be identified by the Futsal staff. ASA Academy players, in addition to I.D. days, will be evaluated throughout the season by ASA coaches. Tryouts for the program will be by invitation only. Players will submit a written application prior to tryouts. Selected Applicants will undergo a series of tryouts (1-2) before selection into the program. 

What determines a team's selection to participate as an option 1, 2 or 3 team?
The technical staff will evaluate player pools of each age group to determine a combination of the team availability, skill level and Futsal experience.

How many players will be selected onto each team?
8 -  10 plus the possibility of a Reserve Player.

What does it mean if a player is selected as a “Reserve Player”?
If a player is selected as Reserve Player, he or she will have the opportunity to train with the I.D teams and may have opportunities to compete with the I.D team in competitions if an extra player is needed. Reserve players will need to register separately for the Futsal League.

If selected to the team should my son/daughter expect a certain amount of playing time?
Playing time at the U9-12 level will be managed to give a player at least 50% of playing time in League play over the course of the entire season (not per game). U13-16 will be based off commitment, work ethic, and skill level. In major tournaments, playoffs or finals coaches will coach to win.

What determines a team’s participation in the State/Regional/National Futsal Championships?
The technical staff will evaluate the player pool of each age group to determine a combination of the team’s availability, skill level and Futsal experience.

When (days and times) and where will my team train?
The specific dates and times of training will be communicated in early October after determining number of teams and securing court space. Each team will train at Alexandria Rec Centers and/or private facilities within Alexandria. Last year all teams trained at One life fitness.

Can I Volunteer to help manage a team?
YES! Each team is required to have a team manager that will help the head coach with communication, registering for tournaments, handing out jerseys, managing player cards etc.

Why was there a cost increase from last season?
The cost increase supports the coaching and facility fee for the League, increased training and tournaments.

Can my team participate in more/less than the selected tournaments or leagues?
Yes. Upon approval from The ASA Technical Staff alternative appropriate options may be considered.

What is the difference between Futsal I.D., Futsal League and Futsal Development Program?

  • The Futsal I.D teams will undergo a competitive selection process, train 1- 2 times per week and compete in competitions.
  • Participation in the Futsal League is open registration. Teams and players will be placed in appropriate divisions. Players in the I.D. program will play within the league and will be automatically registered.
  • Futsal Development Program, formerly known as skills, is a training program that will introduce and teach futsal concepts and skills prior to the start of the Futsal League.


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