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ASA Futsal I.D. Program

ASA Futsal I.D. Program

Futsal I.D Day : Sunday, August 27th - Four Mile Futsal Court located behind Mom's Organic, 3831 Mt. Vernon Ave, Alexandria, VA 22305

Players will be observed by I.D. staff for 60-75 minutes. Select players will be identified as possible candidates for the 2017/18 Winter Futsal I.D season.

The Futsal ID Day on Sunday, August 27th, is a FREE, open play day.

This is a way interested players can learn more about the Futsal ID Program and allow the Technical & Coaching staff to take an early look at who they would like to invite to the final tryouts this fall. Unlike our Academy program, Futsal ID tryouts in the fall are invite only and not open to everyone. 

Attending a Futsal ID Day is a great way to get noticed by the Technical & Coaching staff that will be on hand, hosting these FREE, open play days. 

Please note, teams will NOT be formed and finalized immediately after the ID Day on Sunday, August 27th. Teams will be formed after the invite only Futsal ID Tryouts this fall, on a date to be determined.

10:15am - 11:30am 2008/2009 Boys/Girls
11:30am - 12:45pm 2006/2007 Boys/Girls
12:45pm - 2:00pm 2004/2005 Boys/Girls
2:00pm - 3:15pm  2003 & Older Boys/Girls
- -

The objective of the Futsal I.D. program is to provide select elite level players with an opportunity to receive the most comprehensive Futsal experience in the region. The newly structured ASA Futsal I.D. program features more training than ever, two levels of competition/commitment, and a wide variety of local, regional and national futsal competition experiences. We encourage all those who love the sport of futsal to explore an opportunity to learn from futsal certified coaches who have a passion for teaching the unique fast pace game.


Who: Players will be identified through the I.D. days, coach/staff recommendations, previous futsal programs, and the ASA Travel Program. Opportunities to participate are based on several variables including the players' comfort level and experience in the game of futsal, availability for the team training sessions and games, and ability to execute with and against the highest level futsal competition.  These parameters are put in place to ensure players are in the appropriate environment.  

2016-2017 Achievements

Tournament Champions

Tournament Finalists &


League Champions &


'01 Boys UFL Winter Cup Champions

'02 Boys Regional Champions

'02 Boys America's Cup Series Champions

'03 Girls State Champions

'03 Girls America's Cup Series Champions

'04 Girls US Futsal Cup Champions

'05 Boys UFL Thanksgiving Cup Champions

'07 Boys America's Cup Series Champions

'08 Boys US Futsal Cup Champions

'08 Boys America's Cup Series Champions

'08 Boys White America's Cup Series Champions

'01 Boys America's Cup Series Finalists

'03 Girls Regional Semi-Finalists

'04 Boys Regional Semi-Finalists

'04 Boys US Futsal Cup Finalists

'07 Boys US Futsal Cup Finalists

'01 Girls Finalists

'02 Boys Champions

'03 Girls Champions

'04 Boys Champions

'05 Girls Champions

'08 Boys Champions

'06 Boys Champions


Program Details

Click here for details in chart form (Projected and subject to change)

Option 1: 

  • Approximately 30 total training sessions

    • Training sessions 2x per week (Nov 15th - March)

  • Goalkeeper training 1x per week 

  • 2+ tournaments

Option 2: 

  • Approximately 20 total training sessions 

    • Training sessions 1x per week (Nov 15th - March)

  • Goalkeeper training session 1x per week 

  • 1 tournament


Training Schedule:  The training schedule and location is subject to change based on number of teams and availability of courts.  Some sessions may be moved to another day.  We are unable to be more exact until all teams are confirmed.


Leagues:  All I.D. Teams will compete in the ASA Futsal League. Fees are included in I.D. registration costs.


Tournaments: ASA Futsal I.D. teams will participate in at least 1 tournament during the season.  Travel (2-3 hour drive) and hotel (1-3 nights) costs are not included.  Some teams may play in additional local, regional or national competitions. Additional tournament registration and travel costs are not included in the program fee.


Cost per player:

  • Option 1: 

    • Includes: 30 training sessions, goalkeeping training sessions, facilities, equipment, coaching costs, insurance, USFF fees, ASA league fees, fee for 1 tournament

  • Option 2: 

    • Includes: 20 training sessions, goalkeeping training sessions, facilities, equipment, coaching costs, insurance, USFF fees, ASA league fees, fee for 1 tournament

*Scholarships are available for players that receive free or reduced lunch at school. Additional assistance is available by application and is offered on a sliding scale.


Frequently Asked Questions           

1.  How will teams be selected and how will option 1 and 2 be decided?  

  • Players will undergo a written application prior to tryouts, which can be filled out here. Selected Applicants will undergo a series of tryouts (2-3) before selection into the program.        

  • The decision to go with option 1 or 2 will depend on the projection of a team competing in at the Regional/National Tournament.           

2.  When (days and times) and where will my team train?

  • ​​The specific dates and times of training will be communicated in early October after determining number of teams and securing court space. 

  • Each team will train at an Alexandria Rec Centers and/or private facilities within Alexandria. Last year all teams trained at One life fitness. 

3.  Can I volunteer to help manage a team?            

  •  YES! Each team is required to have a team manager that will help the head coach with communication, registering for tournaments, handing out jerseys, managing player cards etc.                                    


*More information about the ASA Futsal I.D. Program can be found here


If you have any further questions regarding the program, feel free to reach out to Will Hanna directly at


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