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Futsal Program FAQ's

Futsal Program Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


​General Futsal Questions:


1. Will the uniforms for the Futsal league be the same as last year's? 

Yes, the same Black and Neon Yellow ASA Futsal jerseys are required for ASA Travel Players in this year's league.  They are the same jerseys as last year.


2. What if I don't have the Black or Neon Yellow ASA Futsal jersey?

Jerseys are available in the ASA Office for $20 (for the pair).  They are NOT included in the registration fee.


3. There are so many different options and with the Futsal ID Program, I am confused on what program to register for.  What should I do? 

All travel players are strongly encouraged to participate in​ ASA Futsal Programs during the winter months.  We suggest registering for the open futsal development program and the futsal league. On top of that, if you feel ​your child would have​ an interest in the Futsal ID Program, feel free to contact Will Hanna at will.​  All futsal ID teams will participate in the league.


4. During the development program and the futsal league, will travel players be grouped with other travel level players only?

Yes, ASA Travel players will be placed with travel level soccer players.


5. Are there refunds?

Refunds can be provided if the participant withdraws prior to the first game or session.  Any other circumstances will be evaluated on a case by case basis.


Futsal ID Program Questions


1. Is the Futsal ID Program much like the outdoor travel program for futsal?

It is not the same as travel soccer, but it is an okay, simple analogy and way to think about it.  There are selected teams based on ability in the game of Futsal.  These teams will train together in preparation for local, regional, national, and possibly international futsal competitions.


2. If my child is offered a spot on the Futsal ID Program team, should he/she still register for the ASA Futsal League?

Not individually.  All futsal ID teams will participate as a team in the league.


5. Will the Futsal ID Program team stay together in the league?



6. When will the Futsal ID Program team practice?

Please refer to the futsal ID page on our website -

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