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ODP selections announced!

ASA players John Colucci, Dennis Mensah, and Lindsey Freewalt selected to ODP Pools!

John Colucci (U15 Fusion), Dennis Mensah (U14 Stars), and Lindsey Freewalt (U16 Revolution) have been selected to the Region 1 ODP Pool and ODP District Pools. John Colucci was selected for the ’00 Boys Region 1 ODP Pool while Tyler Smith and Dennis Mensah were selected for the '01 Boys Region 1 ODP Pool. Recently, Lindsey Freewalt was selected for the '99 Girls Northern District ODP Pool. John and the U15 Fusion are coached by Glenn Gray and Ricardo Salamanca. Tyler and Dennis are coached by Ryan Rich, Nik Kapus, and Christophe Poyac. Lindsey and the U16 Revolution are coached by Grady Renfrow and Gonzalo Ramella. Continue working hard to represent ASA and Virginia well!

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