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Coaches Code of Ethics

ASA’s philosophy is “learning to love the game”.  Winning at all costs is not the goal.  As coaches we want to teach players:

1.) Respect for the game

  • Playing within “The Spirit of the Game”

  • Showing respect for each other, our opponent and referees

2.) A love of the game

  • Alexandria Soccer Programs create a child friendly environment where friendly but fierce competition is the basis – not winning at all costs

3.) The game demands, the player responds

  • When you play the game of soccer the game presents many challenges
    {Example, good opponents, field conditions, weather}

  • We plan over a period of time to prepare each child to meet the demands of the game

  • It will take time before all the challenges are met




The coach’s role is one of teaching soccer skills, displaying good sportsmanship and growing the players love for the game.


The coach is responsible for communicating practice and game times to the players and parents. The coach is also responsible for monitoring and modeling proper behavior during practice and games of players, assistant coaches and parents. All coaches within the soccer program will promote good sportsmanship among players, foster team camaraderie, and help participants have fun while teaching players the technical skills of soccer. Unsportsmanlike conduct of coaches will not be tolerated by the program. Unsportsmanlike conduct includes making comments or jestures to a player or referee that would reasonably be expected to cause substantial embarrassment.  Other examples include the intentional abuse or attempt to abuse the player selection system or willful failure to follow program rules


Each coach agrees to the above code of conduct, certifies that he/she has read all Alexandria Soccer Association Rules and will abide by them and acknowledges that coaching in the soccer program is a privilege and not a right.


In addition, each coach will ensure that his/her conduct sets a good example for team members and spectators. To meet these responsibilities, the coach is expected to:

  • Know the official Laws of the Game of soccer and the rules of Alexandria Soccer Association, and abide by them.

  • Instruct player and parents in the rules and motivate each player to compete according to the rules at all times.

  • Respect the game officials at all times. Refrain from questioning their decisions or challenging their authority.

  • Ensure that rules are followed by all players and spectators.

  • Ensure that fans of his or her team exhibit sportsmanship and maturity at all times and assist league and game officials in maintaining control of spectators during games.

  • Respect the coaches and players of the opposing team before, during, and after the game.

  • Take appropriate steps to minimize scoring in runaway games.  Instead set limitations for your team ot work on other tactics.

  • Teach each player, especially through personal example, to be humble and generous in victory and proud and courteous in defeat.

  • Maintain control of his/her emotions and avoid actions, language, and/or gestures that may be interpreted as hostile and humiliating.

  • Teach and practice good sportsmanship and fair play by personally demonstrating commitment to these virtues.

  • Promote the concept that soccer is merely a game, and that players and coaches on other teams are opponents, not enemies.

  • Remember that soccer is a game, and treat players and coaches on other teams as opponents, not enemies.


Codes Of Ethics


In order to ensure that the principles of sportsmanship, fair play, and mutual respect among players, coaches, officials, and spectators the following Code of Ethics has been established. It is the obligation of all program administrators, coaches, parents, and players to create an environment that promotes this objective. Those who willfully violate this code jeopardize their participation in the Alexandria Soccer Association.

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