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Videos for parents and coaches

Coaches and Parents

Video's can help paint a better picture of what we do and what we do not want to see on the sidelines from both coaches and parents during games. A collection of videos produced by various Football Association's (FA) have done a nice job spotlighting some common issues seen at youth soccer fields across the globe.


  • Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA): Double Goal Coaching - Watch
  • TEDx Talks:"Changing the game in youth sports" - Watch
  • PCA & TEDx Talks:  "Development Zone" Developing better athletes and better people - Watch


  • Kids Tell Us The Truth About Sports Parents - Watch
  • Sideline Behavior:
    • Have you seen this on your sideline before? - Watch
    • The "wrong" way to have a pre-game conversation with your youth child. - Watch
    • Is this an appropriate conversation with the players? - Watch
    • Is this an appropriate conversation with the referee? - Watch
    • The "wrong" way to have a post-game conversation with your child. - Watch

Parents & Coaches

These video's help provide an understanding of why youth soccer in the PreK-6th Grade age groups is played in small-sided envrionments:

  • Why small-sided games:
    • Kids point of view: - Watch
    • Development point of view: - Watch
    • US Youth Soccer - PDF


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