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"Coach Liz was amazing. Has my son loving soccer!" - Fall 2017 Parent


"I was afraid that my son would not like it and that it would be money wasted but he LOVED it! He really liked Coach Colleen and had fun during the class. I like the repetition so that the kids were familiar with what would happen in class and noticed that something new was added each class to change things up. Looking forward to the summer session." - Spring 2017 Parent


"Coach Stephanie is awesome! We've had her twice and love her class - she esp. would engage with our daughter when she was not participating or being as active in the class - we love this class!" - Spring 2017 parent


"Coach Liz was awesome. Our daughter really enjoyed it. I felt Liz did a tremendous job getting the kids familiar with the ball, having fun and wanting to continue playing which are keys at this age. Liz was great with all the parents too! Would love to sign up for next classes when they are available. Thank you for running this program!"


"It's great that you all are willing to group kids together that know one another. That is key."


"I thought Coach Jenni was excellent. She was extremely prepared, organized and interactive. She also understood the age group and her practices were geared for that age rathering than forcing activities which they may not have liked. She is excellent." - Andrew Maday, father of Mateo Maday

"Coach Jenni was great! She engaged the children and did an amazing job integrating basic soccer skills into fun games and age appropriate activities."


"We are so happy to be a part of the ASA soccer family. Coach Liz is wonderful with these kids, and the kids are excited to listen to her and learn. Thank you very much for everything, the program is a huge asset to the community and the coaches are great."


"I just wanted to say thanks and let you know that my daughter, Gia, had an awesome experience! She loved it. Thanks for all the hard work and dedication y’all put in." -Katie A., Tots Parent (Fall 2013, Windmill Hill Park)


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