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The Futsal ID program provides players with an opportunity to receive the most comprehensive Futsal experience in the region. We encourage all those who love the sport of futsal to explore an opportunity to learn from futsal certified coaches who have a passion for teaching the unique, fast paced game. Futsal ID features one to two practices per week, three levels of competition/commitment, and a variety of local, regional and national futsal competition experiences


Futsal ID age groups may have one to four teams per age group.

Futsal ID Tryouts

$ 0
  • Dates TBD. We encourage interested participants to register and we will share further tryout information in September.

Futsal Player Profile:

  • Uses sole to control the ball
  • Confident dribbler
  • Confident shooter
  • Crafty and effective passer
  • Good decision making
  • Quick to transition off the ball
  • Proficient 1v1 attacking and defending

Program Information

The Futsal ID season runs from December – March (some teams may have post season play in the spring or summer depending on qualifications and availability).

The cost for Futsal ID varies between $600-900. The pricing is based on a number of variables including; age, tournaments and number of practices. Financial aid is available upon request.

A standard season schedule includes:

  • two practice per week
  • explosive performance training
  • goalkeeper training
  • two or three tournaments
  • Futsal League (8 games, January – March)


Prospective Futsal ID players are identified in a variety of ways. These may include: futsal ID tryouts, coach or staff recommendations, performance in previous futsal programs, and/or experience in the ASA Academy Program. Coaches are considering variables such as a players’ comfort level and experience in the game of futsal, availability for team training sessions and games, and ability to execute with and against the highest level futsal competition.

We recognize futsal as a different sport to outdoor soccer and while there are many similarities, a player’s strengths and weaknesses may differ between the two sports. Prospective players should not assume they have an equal level of skill or expertise in both soccer and futsal.

Due to the smaller roster sizes in futsal (eight to nine players) and shorter season (three months) the program focuses on placing kids on teams where they can both find success and be challenged during the fast-paced season.

Futsal Facts

370 Players

26 USFF Coaches

8 State Champions

6 Regional Champions

5 Regional Finalist

2 National Champions

Futsal ID

Why Participate in ASA’s Futsal ID?


Fast pace and tight spaces improves technical skills and decision making.


Teamwork, coachability, resiliency & humility. With smaller rosters and faster play kids are held accountable and gain confidence.

Performance Training

Explosive performance training improves speed, strength and agility.


ASA Futsal ID has a track record of program success AND a quality curriculum that has developed multiple players onto the USYF National Team.

Professional Coaches

A highly educated, professional and passionate coaching and technical staff.

Goalkeeper Training

Goalkeeper specific training with a former professional goalkeepers.


Each ID player has the chance to compete in FUN and exciting tournament environments and league play.

Futsal ID FAQs

Alexandria decided to move forward with hosting winter programming outdoors. ASA programming will continue to adhere to the same safety guidelines put in place previously for the Academy season, this includes:

  • Maintaining 10 feet of social distancing
  • Masks on for ALL person not participating in physical activity
  • Ensuring use of clean equipment

Specific to the Futsal ID Program the following modifications have been made for a safe return to play during months of November and December:

  • All winter activity will take place at outdoor futsal facilities, courts and fields throughout the city of Alexandria.
  • All games and practices will take place place within the City of Alexandria and adhere to the guidelines set in collaboration by RPCA and Alexandria Health Department for outdoor activity

During November-December we will hold training sessions and host official friendlies against opponents with the schedule being set by the Futsal ID Program Director.  During the months of January-February Alexandria will host the ASA Futsal League and the Mid Atlantic Regional Tournament (America’s Futsal Cup) outdoors.

Disclaimer: As we obtain more guidance from the city and health department the above information may be subject to change.

Here is a general outline of the projected Futsal ID Program schedule:

November-December (first half of season):

  • 2x training sessions per week (approx. 6 sessions)
  • 2-3 official outdoor match days (approx. 1 per week)

January- February

  • 2x training sessions per week (approx. 20 sessions)
  • 8-10 league games in the ASA Outdoor Futsal League
  • 1-2 outdoors match days
  • Futsal Cup tournament hosted by ASA (outdoors)
  • Potentially 1-3 tournaments (approx. 4-15 games)

The specific dates and times of training will be communicated after tryouts and after determining the number of teams relative to court space. Teams will train OUTSIDE at Alexandria City futsal and multi use courts.

At this time VYSA and USFF/USYF have not confirmed whether they will be hosting a state or regional tournament. If these tournaments are determined safe by the city and state health departments teams may opt to participate at the discretion of the Futsal Leadership Team.  A decision will be made by mid-January at the latest.

First, Alexandria’s leadership will evaluate risk and safety measures based on guidelines recommended by relevant stakeholders.  If all safety measures are met, the programs leadership team will evaluate and teams may have the option to add events that are outside of the teams season schedule.  In addition, recommendations on added events will be determined by the player pool of each age group to determine combination of the team’s availability, skill level and Futsal experience to ensure a great experience.

Alexandria has moved from the old soccer.com/adidas to brand new Capelli custom ID uniforms. Families will receive instructions through email from capellisport.com 1-2 days after ACCEPTING and Registering for a position on a team.

New and returning players must purchase new uniforms. Information to purchase a uniform will be sent 1-2 days after accepting the invitation to join the ID team.

Uniforms range from $80-$90. The uniform consists of one neon home jersey, one black away jersey, one pair of red shorts and one pair of red socks.

Look for an email from capellisport.com with information on purchasing your child’s uniform. Please purchase your uniform before November 18th. The vendor expects delays that might add several weeks to delivery time. The earlier you order the better! Please note that jersey numbers are assigned at random based on which numbers are available in the age group. We are unable to accommodate requests for specific numbers. If your child does not have his or her uniform in time for the first game, please have a neon t-shirt, black t-shirt, red shorts, and red socks, along with tape to make their number on the back of their jersey.

It is STRONGLY recommended for each player to bring a futsal ball to every practice.

At this time there is no specific training uniform, HOWEVER, it is required to wear ASA gear during training. Please review the recommended gear on the ASA capelli.com team page.

It is not the same as travel or academy soccer but this is a comparable way to think about the program. Teams are selected based on ability, availability and commitment. The Futsal ID teams train together in preparation for local, regional, national and possibly international futsal competitions.

Players will undergo a 2-3 day open tryout/evaluation process prior to the start of the season. The Futsal ID coaching staff works together to identify the appropriate futsal opportunity for each player with ASA’s platform (ID team or non-ID league team). All players have an opportunity to play futsal though the ID platform is recommended only to those with the highest comfort level and ability within the game.

8 – 10 plus the possibility of a Practice Player.

If a player is selected as Practice Player, he or she will have the opportunity to train with the ID teams and may have opportunities to compete with the I.D team in competitions if an extra player is needed. Practice players will need to register separately for the Futsal League.

Playing time at the U9-12 level will be managed to give a player at least 50% of playing time in League play over the course of the entire season (not per game). U13-16 will be based on commitment, work ethic, and skill level. In major tournaments, playoffs or finals coaches will coach to win.

YES! Each team is required to have a team manager that will help the head coach with communication, registering for tournaments, handing out jerseys, and rostering. If you are interested in volunteering please contact [email protected]

The Futsal ID teams will undergo a competitive selection process, train 2 per week and compete in competitions.

Participation in the Futsal League is open registration. Teams and players will be placed in appropriate divisions. Players in the ID program will play within the league and will be automatically registered.

Futsal Ball Mastery is a training program that will introduce and teach futsal concepts and skills prior to the start of the Futsal League.

After accepting a position with an age group in the ASA Futsal ID Program, all ASA fees due or paid are non-refundable regardless of the reason for the player’s ceasing to participate. If the player chooses to leave the club or transfer to another club at any time, no portion of the fee is refundable.  In the same case a player is not in good standing with the club until their full annual balance has been paid.  If a player is injured such that the player is unable to participate the remainder of the seasonal year, a decision will be made by the Deputy Director, Futsal with consultation with the Futsal Director or full Futsal committee, whether based on the particular facts it will elect to refund any part of the fee.

Yes. There will be a COVID-19 release waiver available during the registration process. You can also find a hardcopy here. Carefully review the Release of Liability and Assumption of Risk.

The tuition schedule has been adjusted from previous years to recognize the uncertain and challenging environment we are all facing. The new tuition for this year is $550 with a down payment due when a player accepts a team invite.  The down payment is $275 or families have the option to pay in full upon registration ($135 for families receiving financial aid). Additionally, the payment schedule can be stretched out over two (2) installment payments (Down payment + 1 installment payment).  

Here is an SAMPLE of an installment plan based on the fee $550 structure:

The total cost for training, match days, league games, and futsal cup = $550

  • Nov. 15th = $275 minimum down payment or pay in full
  • Dec. 15th –  Final Payment due
  • *Participants who receive financial assistance may be able to extend payment to Jan 15th to reduce the monthly fee

$550 Tuition Includes:

  • Approximately 26 practice sessions
  • Approximately 8-10 league games
  • Approximately 2-3 game friendlies
  • Coaching fees
  • Facility rentals
  • Equipment
  • Insurance
  • League Management & Operations

If it is deemed safe and appropriate to attend those events, we will add on these experiences as they are available. The incurred cost of any added on competitions or training sessions will be passed onto participants in the range of $100 – $400 depending on the event AND/OR if any practices are approved indoor at that time.

The first payment, $275 ($135 financial assistance pricing) is due when you register your child with their team after receiving an invite. You will be prompted to make a down payment by credit card or check. If your child receives free or reduced lunch and you are applying for financial aid, this payment will be deferred until after we review your application for aid.

This year, the fees have changed to reflect an adjustment in programming due to COVID-19. Many variables factor in to this year’s significantly lower price point, including the uncertainty of external competitions. Also, the typical large cost incurred for indoor facility usage has reduced the overall expenses and thus the price point. As mentioned above, the ASA staff will continue to monitor guidelines recommended by RPCA, AHD, and many other health partners. If it is deemed safe and appropriate to attend additional events (like State Cup and Regionals indoor tournaments), we will add these experiences as they are available. The incurred cost of any added on competitions or training sessions will be passed onto participants in the range of $100 – $400 depending on the event AND/OR if any practices are approved indoor at that time.

Over the next several weeks we will be sending Futsal ID invites. We ask that parents accept or decline the invitation within 48 hours of receiving it via email. When you click ACCEPT or DECLINE in the invitation, please be sure to complete all steps to register in order to officially accept/reserve your spot. Invitations are sent on a rolling basis, thus your prompt reply is important so that we can finalize rosters in a fair and efficient manner. Please note that team registration must be done on a computer; it will not work on a mobile phone.

Through our Access4All program initiatives, we are committing to work with every family to ensure that the tuition is not a barrier to participation. If you are experiencing financial hardship, please reach out to our Futsal staff to apply for financial aid or an adjustment in your payment schedule. We want to work with each family to make a plan that works for them, now more so than ever.

The first layer of financial support for the Futsal ID program is a flexible installment plan that extends over the course of the program to allow for lower monthly payments.  Please email Johnatan Nunez at [email protected]

Additional aid will be considered on a case-by-case basis based on household income and members of household (as reflected on the first page of 2019 tax returns). Please contact us if you would like to discuss the possibility of additional financial aid or an alternative payment plan. Financial Aid scholarships (25% off tuition) are offered to players enrolled in the Free and Reduced Lunch Program at school or who provide additional supporting financial documents.

If you are applying for additional financial aid today, your down payment will be deferred until after we review your application. On the payment page, please select the option to apply for financial aid and review the instructions.

For NEW players who qualify for Free and Reduced Lunch at school, select the option to apply for Financial Aid on the payment page. You will need to submit a photo of your child’s lunch letter to complete this application. Please continue to the payment page for more instructions.

Similar to our financial aid process up front; should any family experience financial hardship mid-season please reach out to our Futsal staff to request assistance. We would not want a family to have to cancel their child’s participation due to financial hardship.

If you anticipate that you may need to withdraw your child due to family medical issues, please contact [email protected] to let us know more about your situation and how we can support you in this time of uncertainty.