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The Futsal ID program provides players with an opportunity to receive the most comprehensive Futsal experience in the region. We encourage all those who love the sport of futsal to explore an opportunity to learn from futsal certified coaches who have a passion for teaching the unique, fast paced game. Futsal ID features one to two practices per week, three levels of competition/commitment, and a variety of local, regional and national futsal competition experiences


Futsal ID age groups may have one to four teams per age group.

2020 Tryout Schedules

TeamTryout 1Tryout 2Tryout 3
2011 BoysOctober 13 | 6-7:30pm @ BrenmanNovember 3 | 6-7:30pm @ BrenmanNovember 5 | 6-7:30pm @ Brenman
2010 BoysOctober 12 | 5-6:30pm @ BrenmanNovember 2 | 5-6:30pm @ BrenmanNovember 4 | 5-6:30pm @ Brenman
2009 BoysOctober 12 | 6:30-8pm @ BrenmanNovember 2 | 6:30-8pm @ BrenmanNovember 4 | 6:30-8pm @ Brenman
2008 BoysOctober 6 | 6-7:30pm @ WitterNovember 10 | 6-7:30pm @ WitterNovember 13 | 5-6:30 @ Witter
2007 BoysOctober 5 | 7:30-9pm @ WitterNovember 9 | 7:30-9pm @ WitterNovember 11 | 7:30-9pm @ Witter
2006 BoysOctober 5 | 6-7:30pm @ WitterNovember 9 | 6-7:30pm @ WitterNovember 11 | 6-7:30pm @ Witter
2005 BoysOctober 5 | 7:30-9pm @ WitterNovember 9 | 7:30-9pm @ WitterNovember 10 | 7:30-9pm @ Witter
2004 BoysOctober 5 | 8-9:30pm @ BrenmanNovember 9 | 8-9:30pm @ BrenmanNovember 11 | 8-9:30pm @ Brenman
2003 & 2002 BoysOctober 6 | 7:30-9pm @ WitterNovember 10 | 7:30-9pm @ WitterNovember 13 | 7:30-9pm @ Witter
2012 BoysOctober 13 | 4:30-6pm @ BrenmanNovember 3 | 4:30-6pm @ BrenmanNovember 5 | 4:30-6pm @ Brenman
TeamTryout 1Tryout 2Tryout 3
2012 GirlsOctober 12 | 5-6:30pm @ LimerickNovember 2 | 5-6:30pm @ LimerickNovember 4 | 4:30-6pm @ Witter
2011 GirlsOctober 14 | 4:30-6pm @ SimpsonNovember 2 | 4:30-6pm @ WitterNovember 4 | 4:30-6pm @ Witter
2010 GirlsOctober 12 | 4:30-6pm @ LimerickNovember 2 | 4:30-6pm @ LimerickNovember 4 | 4:30-6pm @ Limerick
2009 GirlsOctober 15 | 4:30-6pm @ Jefferson HoustonNovember 2 | 6:30-8pm @ LimerickNovember 5 | 4:30-6pm @ Jefferson Houston
2008 GirlsOctober 9 | 6-7pm @ Ramsey CourtNovember 10 | 6-7:30pm @ WitterNovember 13 | 6-7:30pm @ Witter
2007 GirlsOctober 7 | 5-6:30pm @ Jefferson HoustonNovember 2 | 4:30-6pm @ WitterNovember 9 | 4:30-6pm @ Witter
2006 GirlsOctober 7 | 6-7:30pm @ WitterNovember 11 | 6-7:30pm @ WitterNovember 12 | 6-7:30pm @ Witter
2005 GirlsOctober 6 | 5-6:30pm @ LimerickNovember 10 | 5-6:30pm @ LimerickNovember 12 | 5-6:30pm @ Limerick
2004, 2003 & 2002 GirlsNovember 5 | 7:30-9pm @ Witter*Supplemental tryouts will be offered
beyond the one tryout date for
new/interested prospects.

Futsal ID Tryouts

$ 0
  • Dates TBD. We encourage interested participants to register and we will share further tryout information in September.

Futsal Player Profile:

  • Uses sole to control the ball
  • Confident dribbler
  • Confident shooter
  • Crafty and effective passer
  • Good decision making
  • Quick to transition off the ball
  • Proficient 1v1 attacking and defending

Program Information

The Futsal ID season runs from December – March (some teams may have post season play in the spring or summer depending on qualifications and availability).

The cost for Futsal ID varies between $600-900. The pricing is based on a number of variables including; age, tournaments and number of practices. Financial aid is available upon request.

A standard season schedule includes:

  • two practice per week
  • explosive performance training
  • goalkeeper training
  • two or three tournaments
  • Futsal League (8 games, January – March)


Prospective Futsal ID players are identified in a variety of ways. These may include: futsal ID tryouts, coach or staff recommendations, performance in previous futsal programs, and/or experience in the ASA Academy Program. Coaches are considering variables such as a players’ comfort level and experience in the game of futsal, availability for team training sessions and games, and ability to execute with and against the highest level futsal competition.

We recognize futsal as a different sport to outdoor soccer and while there are many similarities, a player’s strengths and weaknesses may differ between the two sports. Prospective players should not assume they have an equal level of skill or expertise in both soccer and futsal.

Due to the smaller roster sizes in futsal (eight to nine players) and shorter season (three months) the program focuses on placing kids on teams where they can both find success and be challenged during the fast-paced season.

Futsal Facts

370 Players

26 USFF Coaches

8 State Champions

6 Regional Champions

5 Regional Finalist

2 National Champions

Futsal ID

Why Participate in ASA’s Futsal ID?


Fast pace and tight spaces improves technical skills and decision making.


Teamwork, coachability, resiliency & humility. With smaller rosters and faster play kids are held accountable and gain confidence.

Performance Training

Explosive performance training improves speed, strength and agility.


ASA Futsal ID has a track record of program success AND a quality curriculum that has developed multiple players onto the USYF National Team.

Professional Coaches

A highly educated, professional and passionate coaching and technical staff.

Goalkeeper Training

Goalkeeper specific training with a former professional goalkeepers.


Each ID player has the chance to compete in FUN and exciting tournament environments and league play.

Futsal ID FAQs

It is not the same as travel soccer but this is a comparable way to think about the program. Teams are selected based on ability, availability and commitment. The Futsal ID teams train together in preparation for local, regional, national and possibly international futsal competitions.

Players undergo a 2-3 day tryout process prior to the start of the season. ASA’s technical staff and coaches select the teams.

8 – 10 players plus the possibility of a Reserve Player.

Reserve Players have the opportunity to train with the ID teams and may have opportunities to compete with the ID team in competitions if an extra player is needed.

At the U9-12 level players will have a minimum of 50% of playing time in League play over the course of the entire season (not per game). U13-16 age groups will base playing time on commitment, work ethic, skill level and other variables. In major tournaments, playoffs or final games, playing time spread equally is not guaranteed.

The technical staff will evaluate the player pool of each age group to determine a combination of the team’s availability, skill level and Futsal experience.

The specific dates and times of training will be communicated after determining number of teams in the program and securing court space. Each team will train at Alexandria Recreational Centers and/or private facilities within Alexandria. Last year all teams trained at Browne Academy and District Sports Center.

YES! Each team is required to have a team manager that will help the head coach with communication, registering for tournaments, handing out jerseys, managing player cards etc.

Yes. Upon approval from the ASA Technical Staff alternative options may be considered.