/Ball Mastery and Alexandria Growth Program

Supplementary Training Programs

Practice makes progress

These programs are designed to expose young players to the structure and learning environment set by professional coaches. Ball Mastery & Alexandria Growth Program (AGP) help players enhance their soccer knowledge and skills while building a solid technical foundation and love for the game.

PRE-Season Ball Mastery

PreK — 6th grade

Ball Mastery

PreK — 2nd grade

Alexandria Growth program

3rd — 6th grade

Pre-Season & In-Season Ball Mastery

Extra practice sessions before the season starts & During the Rec Season

Ball Mastery participants work on soccer skills in a productive and fun learning environment with professional coaches.

Ball Mastery is offered in the fall and spring to Rec League players as an additional practice per week with professional ASA coaches. 

Pre-season Ball Mastery is an accelerated season to prepare kids for the kickoff of the Rec League. Open to PreK-6th graders. In-season Ball Mastery provides an extra practice per week for PreK-2nd graders who are interested in getting extra touches on the ball. 

The primary objective of Ball Mastery is to create a learning environment that is both productive and fun. ASA strives to create a framework for children to learn how to train and follow directions while have fun learning the game. ASA’s focus is on improving general coordination and body awareness, improving individual ball control and dribbling skills, introducing passing concepts and fostering creativity. 


Register for Fall 2020 Ball Mastery

PRE-Season Ball Mastery

PreK-6th Grade
$ 125 per player
  • August 25 - September 10 (6 sessions)
  • PreK — 6th grade
  • Tuesdays AND Thursdays
  • 5:35 - 6:35pm
  • Fort Ward Field & Simpson Field

IN-Season Ball Mastery

PreK-2nd Grade
$ 125 per player
  • September 22 - October 29 (6 sessions)
  • PreK — 2nd grade
  • Tuesdays OR Thursdays (select day at checkout)
  • 5:35 - 6:35pm
  • Simpson Field (426 E. Monroe Ave)
Alexandria Growth Program (AGP)

Bridging Rec League and Academy Programs

AGP focuses on individual and small group development drills to increase kids' technical skills and understanding of the game.

3rd - 6th grade

The Alexandria Growth Program (AGP) bridges the experience between the Recreational League and Academy programs for 3rd – 6th graders. The AGP is for players interested in trying out for the Academy in the future OR for kids looking for an extra practice + game per week in a professional environment. AGP focuses on individual and small group development drills to increase kids’ technical skills and understanding of the game. ASA will group participants into teams that will compete against Rec+ teams from other clubs in the area.


Register for Alexandria Growth Program (AGP)

Option 1

Alexandria Growth Program
$ 125 per player
  • 6 practices [Monday OR Thursday]
  • 5:35 - 6:35
  • Simpson Field (426 E. Monroe Ave)
  • Program coincides with the Rec League season

Option 2

Alexandria Growth Program
$ 180 per player
  • 6 practices [Monday OR Thursday]
  • 5:35 - 6:35
  • Simpson Field (426 E. Monroe Ave)
  • Three games versus external competition
  • Program coincides with the Rec League season

PRE-Season Ball Mastery Schedule

August 25TuesdaySession 1Fort Ward
August 27ThursdaySession 2Fort Ward
September 1TuesdaySession 3Simpson Field
September 3ThursdaySession 4Simpson Field
September 8TuesdaySession 5Simpson Field
September 10ThursdaySession 6Simpson Field

IN-Season Ball Mastery Schedule

September 22 & 24Tuesday | ThursdaySession 1Simpson Field
September 29 & Oct 1Tuesday | ThursdaySession 2Simpson Field
October 6 & 8Tuesday | ThursdaySession 3Simpson Field
October 13 & 15Tuesday | ThursdaySession 4Simpson Field
October 20 & 22Tuesday | ThursdaySession 5Simpson Field
October 27 & 29Tuesday | ThursdaySession 6Simpson Field