Gonzalo Ramella

Academy & Community Manager

Gonzalo oversees and provides administrative support on the boys side of the Academy. This includes player registration, league enrollment, coach support, facilities logistics, training schedule and much more. He also helps manage community partnerships and sponsorships at ASA. Gonzalo's favorite soccer memory is his professional debut in the Peruvian professional soccer league in 2003. He was 19 years old and came in as a sub in the 75th minute. His team won 2-0 in front of their home crowd and it was an awesome experience thanks to his teammates, coaching staff and fans of the club. When he's not coaching Gonzalo loves to research new places to travel with his wife. If he could live in any country in the world it would definitely be Japan. He truly enjoyed its culture and people—everyone was very respectful of one another as well as their surroundings, the food was amazing and there's so much history to learn from. Coach Gonzalo loves to cook anything Peruvian, ceviche is his staple dish!


Deputy Director, Tournaments & Programs