ACT for Alexandria Awards ASA Capacity Building Grant

Heather Peeler, CEO of ACT for Alexandria came out to meet our board of directors and share the latest on ACT’s support of the community. This support included presenting ASA with a capacity building grant in support of our “pathway to gold project.”

From left to right, Tommy Park (ASA Executive Director), Heather Peeler (ACT CEO), John Lavalle (ASA Board Chair).

As part of the project we’ve hired consultant and professional coach, Leigh Shields, to help guide our staff through a year long leadership, goal setting and success measurement exercise. Using Leap of Reason’s Seven Pillars of Excellence we’re learning about being agile leaders, working to measure our successes and evaluating how and why we make decisions.

The end result will not only be a more efficient and effective staff, but also will present a clear picture of what high performance looks like and how we can achieve it. We understand that our mission to become the gold standard community based soccer club must be intentional and we’re working to improve our roadmap and measure our success. Ultimately we’re working to define our outcomes and the overall impact we seek for our community.

Thank you to ACT for making this possible and thank you to Heather for coming out to join our meeting last night. We loved having you!

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