Soccer for everyone!

Fun, fitness and friendships

The ASA recreational league is the largest youth sports league in Alexandria!

ASA’s recreational league is a volunteer based, inclusive soccer program for kids of all abilities and experience levels, ages 4-19. The league is all about fun, fitness and friendships! Teams practice once a week and play games on Saturdays in Alexandria (high school teams sometimes opt to practice twice per week).

The majority of kids are placed on teams that practice near or at their schools. This structure makes practices more convenient for families and helps group kids who know each other from school on the same team.

Spring Schedules




Practice Safety Policies:
  • Coaches will wear masks at all times
  • Coaches will use hand sanitizer before and after practice
  • Coaches will place cones, or something similar, six feet apart to mark locations for water bottles and player equipment.
  • Coaches will avoid team huddles and long speeches where players are gathered closely to one another
  • No sharing of drinks or food
  • No post practice snacks at the field
  • Players should bring a light and dark shirt to limit use of pinnies (pinnies, if used, will be washed between practices)
  • Cones and equipment will be managed by the coach
  • Families should limit, if possible, the number of grown ups and children attending practice with each player
  • Player’s parents and guardians need to be outside the field or away from the playing area as best as possible.
  • Please finish practice 10 minutes before your reserved block of time ends, if practicing before another team, please clean up and exit the field immediately
  • If practicing after another team that is currently on the field, please wait until all people in the team leave before entering the field
Game Day Safety Policies:
  • All people over the age of four must wear a mask unless actively playing soccer
  • Players are welcome to wear a mask while playing, but it is not required
  • Participants and coaches should avoid touching face and spitting
  • All participants should sanitize hands at the end of each game
  • No formal hand contact between teams is allowed (no post game high-fives, team cheers, etc)
  • No captain’s meeting with the referee. Replaced with physically distant referee team reminders
  • No post game snacks or team gatherings — please leave field immediately after game to allow for next spectators to arrive
  • Spectators must remain in designated areas inside the permitted field. Spectator and team areas will be marked and socially distanced on each field.
  • Before any ASA program (practice, game, event, etc) all attendees must check temperature at home. Any temperature above 100.4 F, which is considered a fever, may not attend.
ASA Adjustments:
  • ASA will provide times when families should arrive and enter the field
  • ASA will schedule a window of additional time between games to limit groups of people interacting and crossing paths
  • There will be multiple points of entry at field when possible
  • ASA will increase distance between fields where appropriate
  • Site managers at field will provide reminders to players and supporters as needed
  • Site managers will stop games and/or remove anyone not following the safety policies
  • ASA will over communicate to ensure parents stay informed; Tim Lenzo (ASA Staff) will send weekly coach emails with reminders, Katie Brooks (ASA Staff) will send monthly reminders to the ASA community, Jim Hogan (ASA Staff) will send updates to the recreational league community
  • RPCA has placed signs on public fields with updated safety measures, ASA will place additional signs on site with regards to safety policies
current season

Spring 2021
important dates

Open Registration Closes

March 9

First week of practices

April 5

First Games

April 10

Single Season Rec Registration — Waitlist Only

Registration is technically closed although some age groups still have space. Please call the office to determine if there’s space before registering. 
[ 703-684-5425 ]
Financial Aid pricing (all ages) — $50

PreK - 2nd grade

Rec Soccer
$ 130 per player

3rd - 6th grade

Rec Soccer
$ 140 per player

7th - 12th grade

Rec Soccer
$ 150 per player

PreK - 2nd grade

Rec Soccer
$ 170 per player

3rd - 6th grade

Rec Soccer
$ 180 per player

7th - 12th grade

Rec Soccer
$ 190 per player

Financial Aid

Financial aid is available to Rec League players who qualify for the Alexandria City Public School (ACPS) Free or Reduced Lunch Program. A copy of a child’s enrollment in the lunch program is required for aid consideration. If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact the office at 703-684-5425 or email [email protected].

Age Group Chart

Additional Information

All Rec players need a blue and a red soccer jersey Jerseys are $10 each.

Additionally, shinguards are required for play. Players may wear any color of shorts & socks. We sell black shorts ($12) and black socks ($6) in the office.

Registrants living outside the Alexandria City proper will pay a $35 non-resident fee per season.

Junior Academy girls pose with Joanna Lohman after practice
Junior Academy
For kids born in 2013 & 2014

The Junior Academy offers kids an early introduction to ASA’s Academy program with professional coaches, structured training sessions and a local league + scrimmages. Kids are identified and recommended by ASA coaches and invited to an ID session or practice for evaluation.

Junior Academy participants are often more comfortable on the ball than other kids their age and/or are interested in an extra practice each week in a structured environment. Many kids play on their Rec League team AND participate in the Junior Academy.

Thank you Parents coaches, volunteers.

The ASA Rec League is made possible by the incredible volunteer coaches who step up to coach each team. Are you a parent or adult who’d like to volunteer your time on the field?

No experience needed! ASA provides coaches with equipment (cones, pinnies, pop up goals), an ASA technical t-shirt and practice activities. Additionally, recreational coaches may contact ASA and request for practice support from a professional coach. Volunteer coaches provide a life-changing experience for kids on the soccer field and help make this league a family affair!

Rec League

Sideline Behavior:

The Recreational League has a zero tolerance policy for negative and/or abusive sideline behaviour. Parents and coaches should be supportive sideline cheerleaders to help provide children with a positive and fun experience. Cheer for the kids — do not yell at the other team, players or referees. A few relevant resources for coaches and parents: