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Futsal Ball Mastery

Futsal Ball Mastery is designed to improve a player’s ability to act more instinctually on the court (or field), elude pressure and learn how to beat defenders to create goal scoring opportunities. This program is offered twice per year in the Winter and Summer. ASA will group players appropriately by age and level of play. If your child is unable to make all sessions, prorated pricing is available. Many players and teams utilize this program to prepare for the Winter Futsal League.

Prek - U19

Open to Rec & Academy


Futsal Ball Mastery
$ 110
  • November 27 - December 18
  • 4 practice sessions


Futsal Ball Mastery
$ 220
  • January 4 - February 22
  • 8 practice sessions

Pre & In-season

Futsal Ball Mastery
$ 320
  • November 27 - February 22
  • 12 practice sessions

Rec Schedules

Girls Rec

Age GroupTime Location
PreK 11:00am-12:00pmBrenman Court #2A
Kindergarten1:00-2:00pmBrenman Court #4A
1st & 2nd Grade Girls11:00am-12:00pmBrenman Court #1B
3rd & 4th Grade Girls1:00-2:00pmBrenman Court #1A
5th & 6th Grade Girls3:00-4:00pmBrenman Court #1A
SFL Girls 3:00-4:00pmBrenman Court #1B
High School Girls3:00-4:00pmBrenman Court #1B

Boys Rec

Age GroupTime Location
1st Grade Boys12:00-1:00pmBrenman Court #4A
2nd Grade Boys12:00-1:00pmBrenman Court #4B
3rd and 4th Grade Boys2:00-3:00pmBrenman Court #4A
5th and 6th Grade Boys2:00-3:00pmBrenman Court #3B
SFL Boys3:00-4:00pmBrenman Court #2A
High School Boys3:00-4:00pmBrenman Court #4A

Academy Schedule

Age GroupTime Location
JA Girls12:00-1:00pmBrenman Court #1A
U9 & U10 Girls1:00-2:00pmBrenman Court #1A
U11 & U12 Girls2:00-3:00pmBrenman Court #1A
JA Boys11:00am-12:00pmBrenman Court #3A
U9 & U10 Boys1:00-2:00pmBrenman Court #3B
U11-U12 Boys3:00-4:00pmBrenman Court #3B

Program Info

Futsal Ball Mastery will focuses on 1v1 skills and ball mastery. This includes:

  • High intensity activities to promote 1v1 moves and technical on the ball ability
  • Passing activities (similar to Ajax)
  • Finishing activities