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Futsal Ball Mastery

Futsal Ball Mastery is designed to improve a player’s ability to act more instinctually on the court (or field), elude pressure and learn how to beat defenders to create goal scoring opportunities. This program is offered twice per year in the Winter and Summer. Player are grouped in competitively appropriate training sections by age and level of play. If your child is unable to make all sessions, prorated pricing is available.

PRE-Season Ball Mastery

PreK (U5) - 7th Grade (U13)

In-Season Ball Mastery

PreK (U5) - 2nd Grade (U10)

(3rd-6th graders should register for FGP)


Futsal Ball Mastery
$ 110
  • November 27 - December 18
  • 4 practice sessions


Futsal Ball Mastery
$ 220
  • January 4 - February 22
  • 8 practice sessions

Pre & In-season

Futsal Ball Mastery
$ 320
  • November 27 - February 22
  • 12 practice sessions

In Season Ball Mastery

Pre-K & Kindergarten

January 611:00am - 12:00pmFranconia Rec Center, Courts 1A/1B
January 208:00 - 9:00amFranconia Rec Center, Courts 1A/1B
January 2711:00am - 12:00pmBrenman, Courts 1A/1B
February 311:00am - 12:00pmBrenman, Courts 1A/1B
February 1011:00am - 12:00pmBrenman, Courts 1A/1B
February 178:00 - 9:00amFranconia Rec Center, Courts 1A/1B
February 2411:00am - 12:00pmBrenman, Courts 1A/1B
March 28:00 - 9:00amFranconia Rec Center, Courts 1A/1B

1st & 2nd Grade

January 612:00 - 1:00pmFranconia Rec Center
January 209:00 - 10:00amFranconia Rec Center
January 2712:00 - 1:00pmBen Brenman Courts
February 312:00 - 1:00pmBen Brenman Courts
February 1012:00 - 1:00pmBen Brenman Courts
February 179:00 - 10:00amFranconia Rec Center
February 2412:00 - 1:00pmBen Brenman Courts
March 29:00 - 10:00amFranconia Rec Center

7th, 8th & High School

January 61:00 - 2:00pmFranconia Rec Center
January 2010:00 - 11:00amFranconia Rec Center
January 271:00 - 2:00pmBen Brenman Courts
February 31:00 - 2:00pmBen Brenman Courts
February 101:00 - 2:00pmBen Brenman Courts
February 1710:00 - 11:00amFranconia Rec Center
February 241:00 - 2:00pmBen Brenman Courts
March 210:00 - 11:00amFranconia Rec Center

Pre-Season Futsal Ball Mastery

  • PreK-7th grade  |  U8-U13
  • 6 sessions | Sundays & weekday (TBD)
  • Weeks of December 5th, 12th & 19th
  • Players are grouped by age and level of play (Rec & Academy)
  • Pro-rated options available if your participant can only attend certain sessions. Email [email protected].

Pre-Season Futsal Ball Mastery

$ 150 per player
  • Weeks of December 5, 12, & 19
  • Six sessions total
  • Two sessions per week (Sunday + a weekday)

In-Season Futsal Ball Mastery

  • PreK-2nd grade AND 7th-12th grade [3rd-6th graders should register for FGP!)
  • 8 sessions (practice day TBD)
  • January 1s – February 21st
  • Players are grouped by age and level of play (Rec & Academy)
  • Pro-rated options available if your participant can only attend certain sessions. Email [email protected].

In-Season Futsal Ball Mastery

$ 225 per player
  • January - February 21
  • Eight sessions total
  • One practice per week (concurrent with the Futsal League season)

Program Info

Futsal Ball Mastery will focuses on 1v1 skills and ball mastery. This includes:

  • High intensity activities to promote 1v1 moves and technical on the ball ability
  • Passing activities (similar to Ajax)
  • Finishing activities

Interested in coaching in our Futsal Ball Mastery program or another ASA futsal program? We hire coaches on a rolling basis with a variety of experience levels. Students ages 14-18 are eligible to support programming as Assistant Coaches. These are paid positions, depending on age and experience level. Please fill out the interest form and a staff member will reach out to your shortly.

Refund Policy: ASA will process refund requests before the first session of the season. You will receive the amount you paid minus a $15 administrative fee (to cover credit card fees, administrative and software costs). No refunds will be given after the first session has taken place.