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Futsal Ball Mastery

Futsal Ball Mastery is designed to improve a player’s ability to act more instinctually on the court (or field), elude pressure and learn how to beat defenders to create goal scoring opportunities. This program is offered twice per year in the Winter and Summer. ASA will group players appropriately by age and level of play. If your child is unable to make all sessions, prorated pricing is available. Many players and teams utilize this program to prepare for the Winter Futsal League.

July 6 — July 30 (8 sessions)

U7 — U15

Open to Rec & Academy

Review full Club-Wide Guidelines 


  • There will be a mandatory coaches meeting on July 1st at Henry Polk to discuss procedures and curriculum — Coaches MUST ATTEND or will not be involved.
  • Coaches will clean equipment between sessions/after each session
  • Each participant will have a personal training areas OR social distance will be maintained during collective play
  • Coaches will work with same group of players during a session to limit crossover
  • Parents must remain outside the fenced-in court area
    • If parents stay to watch from outside the fence they should practice social distancing
  • Coaches will use hand sanitizer before and after each session
  • Coaches will wear a mask when within 10 feet of participants
  • There will be a 15 minute window for drop off and pick up to minimize participant overlap between training sessions



    • Will keep backpacks/water bottles outside of court area, 6 feet apart from each other
    • Will NOT share water
    • Will sanitize hands before and after sessions
    • Will not touch any equipment
    • Pinnies will only be used once per session and washed in between uses



Pre arrival  — Coaches are screened by Program Director via phone or email earlier in the day.


    • 30 minutes before the session begins coaches will arrive. All equipment is cleaned and zones placed on court and session plan reviewed.
    • Rules and procedures reviewed and safety equipment (cleaner, sanitizer, masks, etc.) handed out
    • Stations set up outside of court with individual spots for each participant’s water bottle (bags are discouraged)
    • “Front desk” set up with rosters for check-in and hand sanitizers


Check-in — Players should be dropped off and form a social distanced line (marked off by cones) for check-in & hand sanitizer.

Summer Schedule (Tentative)

Girls | July 6th - 29th

@ Henry Polk Outdoor Courts (5000 Polk Ave, Alexandria, VA 22304)

Junior Academy COED | July 6th - 29th

@ Henry Polk Outdoor Courts (5000 Polk Ave, Alexandria, VA 22304)

Boys | July 7th - 30th

@ William Ramsay Outdoor Courts (5650 Sanger Ave., Alexandria, VA 22311)

Program Info

With additional safety guidelines this summer we’ll be focusing Futsal Ball Mastery on 1v1 skills and ball mastery. This includes:

  • High intensity activities to promote 1v1 moves and technical on the ball ability
  • Passing activities (similar to Ajax) that allow for social distancing and have futsal / 1v1 component 
  • Finishing activities



Futsal Ball Mastery
$ 165 8 Sessions
  • July 6 — July 30
  • Prorated pricing available for individual sessions
  • Email [email protected] for prorated registration