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Futsal Ball Mastery

Futsal Ball Mastery is designed to improve a player’s ability to act more instinctually on the court (or field), elude pressure and learn how to beat defenders to create goal scoring opportunities. This program is offered twice per year in the Winter and Summer. ASA will group players appropriately by age and level of play. If your child is unable to make all sessions, prorated pricing is available. Many players and teams utilize this program to prepare for the Winter Futsal League.

Ball Mastery will take place outdoors

July 2021

U5 — U16

Open to Rec & Academy

Summer Details | Registration Open

Details: July 5 - July 28

Academy Sessions: Mondays & Wednesdays

Recreational Sessions: Mondays & Wednesdays

Locations: William Ramsey Outdoor Futsal Court and James K Polk Outdoor Futsal Court

Monday Schedule

Age GroupTimeLocation
U12 Girls6-7pmPolk 1
2014-2011 Girls | Juniors Girls6-7pmPolk 2
2015-2014 Boys 7-8pmPolk 1
2013-2010 Boys7-8pmPolk 2

Wednesday Schedule

Age GroupsTimeLocation
U12 Girls6-7pmPolk 1
2014-2012 Girls | Juniors Girls6-7pmPolk 2
2016-2014 Boys7-8pmPolk 1
2013-2010 Boys7-8pmPolk 2

July Registration

Futsal Ball Mastery
$ 165 8 Sessions
  • July 5 - July 28
  • Prorated pricing available for individual sessions
  • Email [email protected] for prorated registration

Program Info

This winter Futsal Ball Mastery will focus on 1v1 skills and ball mastery. This includes:

  • High intensity activities to promote 1v1 moves and technical on the ball ability
  • Passing activities (similar to Ajax) that allow for social distancing and have futsal / 1v1 component 
  • Finishing activities
Futsal Ball Mastery will take place outdoors on turf fields. Participants will play on futsal sized courts, use futsal balls and should plan to wear tennis shoes or futsal shoes for all programming.