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Camp Kickin' Fun

Camp Kickin' Fun (formerly Camp ALEX) is for soccer fans who are ready to explore! Each day will include a soccer session along with activities that involve nature, science, crafts, building, yard games, exploration & more.

Camp Kickin' Fun

Camp Kickin’ Fun is a soccer, activity and explorers camp for kids ages 5-12. We aim to create a fun, safe and active environment where kids can be kids. Days are filled with both structured activities and soccer play as well as unstructured play and adventure time where kids can color, build sand castles, go on a nature walk with counselors and more.

Camp Activities (subject to change)

  • Soccer games
  • Scavenger Hunts
  • I Spy
  • Field Day competitions
  • Obstacle Course
  • Craft time (bird feeder, tote bag decorating & more)
  • Basketball, tennis, wiffle ball, soccer & other sports
  • Science experiments
  • Talent Show
  • Charades


2023 Schedule

June 20 - June 23 (4 day camp)Brenman Softball Field9am-4pm
June 26 - June 30Brenman Softball Field9am-4pm
July 10 - July 14Brenman Softball Field9am-4pm
July 17 - July 21Brenman Softball Field9am-4pm
July 24 - July 28Brenman Softball Field9am-4pm
July 31 - August 4Brenman Softball Field9am-4pm
August 7 - August 11Brenman Softball Field9am-4pm
August 14 - August 18Brenman Softball Field9am-4pm

Camp Kickin' Fun Registration

Camp Kickin' Fun
Full Day

$ 315 per week
  • 9am-4pm
  • Ages 7-12
  • Financial Aid available | Contact ASA Office

Camp Kickin' Fun
Half Day

$ 150 per week
  • 9am-12pm
  • Ages 5-12
  • Financial Aid available | Contact ASA Office


Coach to Camper Ratio | Camps are staffed with a station ratio of 1 coach to every 12 campers, at a minimum. *There are times, during activities things like snack or water breaks where the ratio may not be in place due to bathroom breaks.

First Aid & CPR | All Alexandria Camps are staffed with coaches who are CPR and First Aid Certified.

EpiPen | All camps have coaches on staff that are educated on administering an EpiPen.

Properly Planned Summer Soccer Agenda | There are regularly scheduled water and breaks throughout the camp to provide proper rest, shade and rehydration.

Policies & Procedures

All players must report to the camp tent, introduce themselves and be checked in by an ASA staff member. This must be done everyday.

● Medical Information: If your child has any medical equipment or medications with them, you must inform the camp staff at check-in. The camp staff will make a note of this on their sheet.

● Daytime Phone Number: At drop off, a daytime number must be listed in case of an emergency.

● Pick-up Information: If someone, not on the family household account, is going to be picking up your child (babysitter, nanny, carpool, friend, etc), you must let the camp staff know so they can make a note of it.

All players must confirm with the designated camp staff member at the check-in/check-out location that their adult has arrived and they are ready to leave. The designated camp staffer will confirm they ready to leave and mark off the child’s name.

● Adults who are listed on the family household account are eligible to pick-up their own child

● Anyone not on the family household account must be approved during drop off or via a phone call prior to pick-up

Alexandria Soccer Camps requests that all medications that can be taken prior to or after the camp day be administered at home.

If medication must be administered during the day please fill out THIS FORM and provide it to the camp director, along with the medication, on the first day of camp. 

When the National Weather Service issues a heat advisory warning it means a heat index of 100º+ is anticipated. Camp staff will take precautions to avoid heat related illnesses or conditions by:

1) Spending a majority of the outside time in shade, adding hydration breaks and modifying activities so they are less strenuous

2) ASA will seek indoor alternatives, which may mean a site change

3) If those alternatives are not available, ASA will cancel the camp for that day. If multiple days are cancelled, a prorated refund will apply

When the National Weather Service issues a code red day (heat index of 100º+ and hazy, hot and humid weather which creates another hazard as ground-level ozone builds up to unhealthy level), the camp will take precautions to avoid heat related illnesses or conditions by:

1) Code Red warnings are usually broadcast a day in advance through radio and television, giving us a chance to prepare.

2) Precautions on these days are the same as Heat Advisory days. Sometimes Code Red conditions will be declared for only part of a day (for example from noon until 8 p.m.). On these days, most outdoor activities will occur earlier in the day and physical activity will be limited during the afternoon.

Camps will NOT be cancelled due to light rain or intermittent rain. As needed, coaches may decide to take breaks under the tents throughout the day.

In case of thunderstorms, ASA may decide to cancel a day of camp if deemed risky by the forecast. If a storm pops up unexpectedly campers will take cover at the YMCA, Common Wealth Academy or St. Stephens & St. Agnes School (depending on the location of camp). If this happens, ASA office staff will be in touch with an amended pickup location as needed and an update on safety measures being taken.

Example Schedule

MondayWelcome!Introductions, group games, frisbee golf, parachute games
TuesdayPicture DayCamp scavenger hunt, craft activities
WednesdayNature Day (Crazy Hair Competition)Group walk & I spy nature game, build birdhouses
ThursdayWater DayWater ballon toss, water balloon dodgeball, camp-wide water game
FridayCamp OlympicsOpening ceremonies, group game, obstacle course, closing ceremonies

Preparing Your Child for Camp

Kids should bring the following each day:

  • water (at least 1 gallon)
  • sunscreen (should be reapplied throughout the day)
  • change of clothes
  • lunch (full day campers) + snacks

The weather is often warm since many camps take place during the summer. Your child should wear light weight clothing and notify camp staff of any medical issues that might be exacerbated by heat. Camp staff will take precautions, per our safety policies, on hot days.

For questions about Camp Kickin’ Fun please email Ben Hawkins at [email protected].