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Several age groups have roster space available for additional players. Teams can and often do add players for the spring 2021 season which includes tournaments and league play. If your child is interested in joining a team this spring, use the registration button above to sign up for “2020-21 Academy Player Placement Program | U9-U19.”

Once you register, a staff member or coach will reach out to invite you to a practice session.

Tryout info for 2021-2022 Academy Season Coming Soon!

FAQs for the Player Placement Process (PPP)

Despite these uncertain and challenging times, we are excited to be planning for a 2020-21 Academy year! The information below is subject to change, and we appreciate your patience and understanding as we continually evolve to serve 1,000+ players to the very best of our ability in the current environment.

If you have a question about the Player Placement Process that is not addressed below, please email our Academy Staff at [email protected].

What is the Player Placement Process?

Due to the COVID-19 shutdown, we are unable to hold open in-person tryouts this Spring. However, we are still moving forward with planning for a full Fall 2020 – Spring 2021 season. The Player Placement Process allows us to build on current rosters by inviting all current ASA Academy players back for the 2020-21 season, and welcoming new players to the club where there are openings within age groups.

[Players born in 2013 or 2014 may be interested in the Junior Academy!]

Does the Player Placement Process take the place of tryouts?

Yes. It’s possible that ASA will hold an in-person evaluation or roster-adjustment window later this year, but the PPP will be the main process for building initial 2020-21 rosters.

Who is eligible to register for the ASA Player Placement Process?

  • Any child born between 2002 (U19) – 2012 (U9) is eligible to register for the PPP. 
  • If your child was rostered with an older Academy team last year (i.e. they “played up”), please register him/her with their own age group for this year’s PPP.

My child is a returning ASA Academy Player. Do I have to register for the Player Placement Process?

  • Yes. All current ASA Academy players must register for the PPP in order to receive an Academy invitation. (It’s just like registering for tryouts!) 
  • To be guaranteed a spot for next season, please register by May 22.

My child is new to the ASA Academy (or was not rostered on a Spring 2020 team). How will ASA determine which new players receive Academy invitations?

When you register your child for the Player Placement Process, there will be space to indicate his/her past playing experience. Coaches will take this into account as they look to fill open spots within age groups. It’s possible that we will hold an in-person evaluation or roster-adjustment window at some point later this year.

I already registered for ASA Academy tryouts before the COVID-19 shutdown. Do I still need to register for the Player Placement Process?

No. If you already registered for 2020-21 Academy Tryouts, there’s no need to re-sign up for the Player Placement Process.

When is the deadline to register for the Player Placement Process?

All players (returning and new) who wish to play with the ASA Academy during Fall 2020-Spring 2021 were asked to register for PPP (just like registering for tryouts). We are still accepting registrations and filling rosters on a rolling basis, so please register today if you are interested!

What happens after I register my child for the Player Placement Process?

  • If your child was rostered on an ASA Academy Team during Spring 2020 and is registered for the PPP, he/she will receive an Academy invite no later than mid June.
  • If your child is new to the ASA Academy (or was not rostered on a Spring 2020 Academy team), the ASA technical staff will work to determine whether there are spots open in the age group that provide your child with an appropriate learning environment. Invitations will be sent to new players during the month of June.
  • All players who receive an invitation will then need to accept the invitation and complete the team registration process, or decline the invitation. 

My child is a current ASA Academy player, but I’m unsure at this time whether he/she will continue with the Academy in 2020-21. What should I do?

Go ahead and register your child for the Player Placement Process. Registration is free and gives you more time to decide, while still securing an 2020-21 invite for your child. Once invites are sent you will need to make a decision on whether to accept the spot.

My child is a current ASA Academy player and wants to be considered for a different team in the age group. Can he/she be considered for an open spot on a different team?

For current ASA Academy players, our professional coaching staff has a strong grasp of each child’s current comfort level within the game and will recommend the appropriate learning environments for each player. Most players will receive an invitation for their current team, though some may receive an invitation to a different team within their age group. To ensure a smooth and comfortable transition, current coaches will spend extra time with players and parents where a change in team is recommended.

My child is a current ASA Academy player but does not plan to continue in the Fall. Do I need to do anything?

Please email our Academy Staff at [email protected] to let us know if your child will not continue with the Academy. Include your child’s name, birth year, and Spring 2020 Academy team.

Can you provide me with more information about the 2020-21 ASA Academy year?

  • A one (1) year Academy commitment includes:
    • Fall season: Mid-August to Mid-November
    • Spring season: Early-March to Early-June
    • Three to four tournaments
  • Academy teams practice two to three times per week for 1.5 hours per session. Each team competes in a Fall and Spring league where they play eight games. Games are generally played on Sundays although they can be on Saturdays.
  • The annual tuition ranges from about $1,495 – $2,495. Tuition is calculated based in large part on a team’s projected participation in leagues and events, the costs of which can vary widely among age groups and teams. Some teams may be scheduled for more events than last year which would result in a price increase.
    • Players who receive free or reduced school lunch automatically qualify for Financial Aid in the form of 25% off tuition. Additional aid may be available on a case-by-case basis, based on household income. 
  • Our projected coaching slate will be announced very soon on our website and social media channels! 
  • If portions of Fall 2020 programming are cancelled due to COVID-19, we will modify our Fall season, provide appropriate modifications to program pricing, and issue credits/refunds.