Community Impact

Safe Places to PLay

Community Challenge

Alexandria has seen major growth in  youth sports participation and recreation over the last fifteen years— from 3,500 annual participants in 2005 to over 15,000 in 2022. Alexandrians are healthier and happier than ever, in part because of this increase in activity.

We have reached a point where the inventory of available athletic field & court space in our community no longer meets the needs of children and adults interested in recreation programs, both school and club related. The shortfall is over 5,000 hours annually of quality safe places to play.


ASA encourages the decision-makers involved, including the city council and planning and zoning board, to support and approve the necessary permits for field lights at all five facilities below and create an implementation plan to install them in the coming year/s.

  • Simpson Stadium Park
  • GW Middle School
  • Jefferson Houston K-8 School
  • Patrick Henry K-8 School
  • Francis C. Hammond Middle School

The addition of athletic field lighting will provide increased capacity to accommodate current and growing scholastic and community program needs within the City’s fixed field/court resources.

Call To Action

Your participation and support over the coming year will directly impact your child’s experience and that of the broader community. Get involved!

Meetings held at Alexandria City Hall:

  • November 1: Planning Commission Public Hearing
  • November 12: City Council Public Hearing
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Proposed Facility Option

As part of a broader athletic fields master plan, the City of Alexandria is considering converting the two Eugene Simpson rectangle fields to synthetic turf with lights. We need your help now to ensure that these efforts get fully funded and installed in the near future. 

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