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Futsal league

a fun and exciting experience for all levels of play

The league is open to players ages 5-19 years old. Registration is available for both individual (free agents) AND teams. The eight week season runs January - March with games played on Sundays in Alexandria.

Junior Academy
Futsal league

Why Participate in ASA’s Futsal League?

Lessons for life

Futsal teaches valuable life lessons both on and off the court. Lessons such as teamwork, perseverance, sportsmanship and how to overcome adversity.


Futsal is a fast paced game that leads to lots of goals, fun and enjoyment for all players.


The league is built for players of all skill levels — from recreational or first time futsal players to top Academy and professional players.

active in any weather

The league offers a healthy fitness option during the cold winter months. It allows kids the opportunity to run around in a safe environment at a time when they’re often stuck inside.

sportsmanship and competition

The league offers an environment for teams looking for high level futsal competition while still emphasizing good sportsmanship and respect for players, coaches and referees.

League Registration Info — Coming Soon

Individual Free Agent

Futsal Registration
$ 125 per player ($135 after November 22)
  • After registering your child he or she will be assigned to a team. The team will have an ASA professionally licensed futsal coach assigned to them for each game. ASA will do its best place your child on a team that is already formed. There are instances where a team made up of all free agent players will be created. ASA understands that a team of free agents may have not played together and that the players may not know each other.

Team Registration WITHOUT an ASA professional coach provided

Futsal Registration
$ 760 per team
  • Your team will provide their OWN coach for games. Minimum of 7 players.

Team Registration WITH an ASA professional coach provided

Futsal Registration
$ 940 per team
  • Your team will be provided with an ASA professional coach for games. Minimum of 7 players per team. Maximum of 12.

Check In Procedures

ALL teams must complete the online team check-in (this includes ASA Futsal ID teams!). There is NO on-site check-in. Online team check-in deadline is Friday, January 8th, 2021 by 5pm.

Check-in documents should be submitted via email to [email protected] with the subject line “Winter Futsal League Check-In.”

Check In Process

Documents Needed for Check In

PLEASE NOTE: Alexandria Soccer Association teams who participate in the ASA Rec League, the Academy or Futsal ID programs are only required to submit a Team Roster (step one below) for check-in. Those teams may skip steps two and three.

  1. Team Roster
  2. Player Passes (USYS, AYSO, USSSA, USYF, USSF, US Club Soccer) | Players without a pass must have a legal guardian sign the Liability Release Form
  3. Medical Release Form

Team managers should sign the team form above that confirms they have medical release forms for each rostered player OR submit the Individual Player Form for each player.

Futsal league

The Vision of ASA’s Futsal League is to give kids the opportunity to:

Learn life lessons.

Enjoy the game of futsal and its fast-paced play style.

Live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Play in an inclusive league with players from different religions, ethnicities, backgrounds, and creeds.

League Stats and Figures

190+ Teams

Recreational & Travel level teams from Alexandria and surrounding communities

Futsal Champions

2019 & 2020 US Futsal Federation National Champions participating in the league


Numerous State Champions and several Regional Champions

National Team Players

Multiple Futsal specific national team players


Numerous recreational teams


Futsal specific certified referees

League Rules and FAQ

Please note that ASA has a ZERO tolerance policy for any form of referee abuse by players, coaches or fans. Coaches, players and fans should not dispute, contest, or show displeasure with the referee. Ejection of any of these parties for entering the court, violence and/or referee abuse will be handled at the discretion of the league.

U5 & U6 (PreK-K) — 4v4 (3 court players and 1 goalkeeper), no recorded score or standings

U7+ — 5v5, standings and scores are recorded, futsal rules below

Accumulated Fouls

imilar to basketball. Once a team accrues a 6th foul (in a single half) a direct kick is awarded to the opposing team and the offending team is not allowed to position any players (other than the goalkeeper) between the ball and the goal. For each subsequent foul in a single half (over the allotted five) this process is repeated.

The kick is taken from the 10 meter (32.5 foot) mark unless the foul happens closer to the goal in which case it’s taken from the spot of the foul.

Age Groups and Divisions

The league reserves the right to combine age groups based on the number of kids registered.The league aims to create appropriate levels of competition for each age group.


A futsal ball is weighted and has approximately 30% less bounce than a standard soccer ball. Teams U12 and younger use a size 3 futsal ball; teams U13 and older use a size 4 futsal ball.

Ball In Play

The ball is out of play when it has wholly crossed the goal line or touchline; when the game has been stopped by a referee or when the ball hits the ceiling.

  • Lines: Sidelines and goal lines are considered inside the playing area (the entire ball must cross the line to be considered out of bounds).
  • Ceiling: The correct restart for a ball that has hit the ceiling is a kick-in from the nearest sideline spot.
  • Court: Games will be played on futsal marked courts with proper boundaries.


For both players and coaches, the minimum penalty for ejection is a sitout of the next match. Maximum penalty is expulsion from the league (at the discretion of League staff).


Players are required to wear shin guards. Players must wear non-marking indoor futsal or athletic shoes (no cleats allowed).

Failure to Show and Forfeits 
A game may not start with fewer than four (4) properly uniformed players on each team for a match.
Once a game has started, it may not continue with fewer than three (3) players on a team.
If a match cannot start or continue due to fewer than the minimum number of players, that team shall forfeit the game.
A team shall have a five (5) minute grace period from the scheduled kick off time before the match is awarded to their opponent as a 5-0 win.
In the event of a delayed start game length may be adjusted by the referee in order to maintain the league schedule.

Game Time

A league match will consist of a 40 minute game with a running clock, consisting of two 20 minute halves with a 3 minute halftime.

Goalkeepers and Goal Clearance

A goal clearance must be thrown (not kicked) and the goalkeeper cannot touch the ball again until it has crossed mid-court OR a member of the opposing team has touched the ball.
U9-U14: A throw by the goalkeeper must be touched by a player on the same half before crossing midcourt.
U15 and up (JV & Varsity): A throw by the goalkeeper may cross the mid-court line.


No intentional or unintentional heading of the ball in U9, U10 or U11 age groups. An indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team at the spot of the offense.


Restarts in futsal are kick-ins. After the ball has gone out of play the ball is kicked back into play from the touchline and from corners. The ball must be stationary and the feet of the player taking the kick-in must not cross the touchline line. The whole foot can not cross the line.


A kick-off is a way of starting play or restarting play after a goal.
The opponents of the team taking the kick-off must be least 3m from the ball until it is touched
The ball must be stationary on the center mark
The ball is in play when it is kicked (Players can pass the ball backwards on kick-offs)
A team cannot score directly off a kick-off

Offside Rule

There is no offside rule in Futsal.

Pass backs

One pass back to the goalkeeper is allowed per possession. A goalkeeper throw counts as the one pass back per possession. The goalkeeper cannot touch the ball again until a member of the opposing team has touched the ball.

Penalty Kick 

To be taken from the penalty mark on the mid-point of the 6m line. All players must be out of the penalty area, and the players of the opposing team must also be at least 5m from the penalty spot. The kicker is not allowed to touch the ball a second time until it has been touched by another player.

Playoff Games & Penalty Kicks

Playoff games must have a winner and will be decided by penalty kicks if tied after regulation. The winner of a coin toss will have the option of choosing to kick first or last.

  • Three kickers per team shoot from PK spot on court (6 meters, approximately 20 feet)
  • If additional PKs are needed, teams shoot one by one with new players.
  • No player may take a second shot until every player present, including the goalkeeper, has taken a PK.


3 points for a win, 1 point for a tie, 0 points for a loss.


Each game will have one referee. (Some games may have two referees).


Goals may not be scored directly on restarts, which include:
Kickoffs (start of each half or after a goal is scored)
Kick-ins (from the touchline)


Minimum of 7 players, maximum of 12.
Score Table – One volunteer from the home team is required to manage the score table.

Shoulder Charge

Not allowed.

Sliding Tackling 

Sliding tackles are not allowed in Futsal. Players are allowed to slide on the court (e.g., to stop a ball from going out of play, to direct a pass towards the net, etc.) For a player sliding to be considered a foul, the slider’s opponent must be in possession of the ball.


Players must enter and leave the court from the designated substitution spot in front of each team bench. “Flying substitutions” allow players to enter and exit at any point during play, however the player exiting the court must fully exit before the substituting player can enter.

  • This includes goalkeeper substitutions.
  • There is no limit to the number of substitutions a team can make in a game.

Team Benches 

Teams sit adjacent to their defensive half. Teams will switch benches at half-time to account for this.

The 4 Second Rule

Regarding kick-ins, free kicks, goal clearances and corner kicks, the player in possession of the ball has four seconds to restart play. The referee will count off four seconds using fingers in the air. If play is not restarted within four seconds an indirect kick will be awarded to the opposing team. The goalkeeper is not allowed to control the ball for more than four seconds in his/her own half.

Tie Breakers (for playoff seeding)
Two Team Tie

  • Head-to-head
  • Goal differential
  • Coin flip

Three or More Teams

Fewest goals against
Goal differential
Coin flip (winning team has the coin that differentiates itself from the other two. Example: tail, tail, heads = heads win)

Time Outs 

Each team is allowed one, one minute timeout per half (two total per game). Only the team in possession can call a timeout and coaches must let the referee know prior to calling for a timeout.

The 5 Yard Rule

Opposing players are required to stand at least 5 yards from the player kicking the ball for any restart. Players must immediately give 5 yards (and not wait for the referee’s direction).


Uniforms do NOT need to have numbers on the back. If uniform colors between two teams are similar, the designated home team will change colors.

No. Gym space is limited and we are unable to accommodate practices for all 200+ futsal league teams.

Individual & Team Registration is available. (<< Link to Registration page)

ASA League Staff do their best to assign Free Agent players to already formed teams of an appropriate competition level. There are instances where a team made up of all Free Agent players will be formed. ASA understands that a team of Free Agents may have not played together before and the players may not know each other. ASA works hard to place these teams appropriately and to provide them extra attention.

Unless your team registers with a coach an ASA professional coach will work with your child’s team on game days. ASA tries to keep the same coach with the team but cannot guarantee this. Teams may have a different ASA coach each week.

ASA works extremely hard to group players appropriately by skill level to maximize development. (Players can select their level of play when registering for both programs).

Refunds can be provided if the participant withdraws prior to the first game or session. Any other circumstances will be evaluated on a case by case basis.


What people say?

The futsal experience was extremely positive for my daughter for the second year in a row. She looked forward to every game and is disappointed that it is over. It's nice to have an opportunity for kids to exercise and have fun indoors in the frigid cold of winter. Thank you ASA! Very pleased!"
U10 Girls Division Parent
The futsal experience was extremely positive for my daughter for the second year in a row. She looked forward to every game and is disappointed that it is over. It's nice to have an opportunity for kids to exercise and have fun indoors in the frigid cold of winter. Thank you ASA! Very pleased!"
U10 Girls Division Parent