Futsal Growth Program

Futsal Growth Program (FGP)

Bridging Rec Futsal and Academy Futsal

FGP focuses on individual and small group development drills to increase kids' technical skills and understanding of the game.

3rd - 6th Graders

The Futsal Growth Program (FGP) bridges the experience between the Recreational League and Academy Futsal programs for 3rd – 6th graders. The FGP is for players interested in continuing to improve their skill OR for kids looking for an extra practice + game per week in a structured environment with professional futsal coaches.

Futsal Growth Program (FGP)

January - February 2024

FGP Registration

3rd - 6th Grade
$ 375 per player
  • 1 practice and 1 game per week
  • 7 game season

Please note that one game and one practice may be cancelled per season due to weather. If more than one game or one practice is cancelled due to weather we will attempt to provide makeup dates.


Questions? Email Program Director Nick Papadis at [email protected].

Option 1

3rd - 6th Grade
$ 560 per player
  • 11 practices [Wednesday OR Thursday] per season
  • Simpson Field
  • 8 games in the Metro Community League each season

Option 2

3rd - 6th Grade
$ 900 per player
  • 22 practices [Wednesday AND Thursday] per season
  • Simpson Field
  • 8 games in the Metro Community League each season

Interested in coaching in the Futsal Growth Program or another ASA futsal program? We hire coaches on a rolling basis with a variety of experience levels. Students ages 14-18 are eligible to support programming as Assistant Coaches. These are paid positions, depending on age and experience level. Please fill out the interest form and a staff member will reach out to your shortly.

FGP Refund Policy: ASA will process refund requests before the first game or session of the season. You will receive the amount you paid minus a $15 administrative fee (to cover credit card fees, administrative and software costs). No refunds will be given after the first weekend of games has been played or first session has taken place.