Can You Keep Up?

Futsal is High paced, energetic, fast flowing

Futsal is a high paced, energetic, intense, fast flowing game played 5v5 on a hard court surface without side walls. Futsal is played by more than 12 million people across 100 countries! ASA hosts one of the largest futsal leagues in the United States with close to 350 teams and is home to a nationally recognized Futsal program. The Academy Futsal program boasts three 15+ National and Regional Championship Teams! In addition to the league and Academy Futsal program, ASA offers Futsal Ball Mastery and Futsal Growth Program to provide supplementary training opportunities for kids looking to improve their technical skills.


How is Futsal Different than Soccer?

The quick pace (both literally on the court and in the short length of games) demands different skills and mental strengths than a 90 minute soccer game. These traits not only help kids on the court and the field, but in life. ASA’s Futsal ID program teaches kids:



  • To respond to and overcome adversity and make adjustments in a short amount of time.
  • To handle pressure (the court is small, defenders are always close, fans are loud—the environment can be exciting and tense).
  • To be a good teammate. Games are quick and on court shifts can be short. Emotions have to be kept in check and support and encouragement for teammates is required.
  • Confidence.


What people say?

The futsal experience was extremely positive for my daughter for the second year in a row. She looked forward to every game and is disappointed that it is over. It's nice to have an opportunity for kids to exercise and have fun indoors in the frigid cold of winter. Thank you ASA! Very pleased!"
U10 Girls Division Parent
My daughter thoroughly enjoyed the experience. She was new to ASA, and as a parent, I could not have asked for more. It’s a bummer the Futsal ID season stopped in March."
2020 Academy Futsal Parent