Phase 3 RETURN To Play Guidelines

CORONAVIRUS & Return to Play

Below are ASA’s Return to Play guidelines. You will find overall guidelines and program specific policies. At the bottom of the page are video workouts, skills videos and online resources that were utilized during the shelter-in-place period.

Programming Update

ASA is following guidance from Virginia state officials, the Alexandria Health Department, and the City of Alexandria government to ensure participants, families, staff and our community remain safe. We have collaborated with regional medical and youth sports leaders to ensure we are considering all aspects of youth sports and returning to play.

Our goal is for players to be safe and remain healthy. 

All participants, coaches and staff should follow COVID-19 health guidelines:

  • wash hands regularly
  • avoid touching face
  • cough or sneeze into elbow
  • clean and disinfect high contact surfaces
COVID-19 Exposure

If your child is experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 or has received a positive test result he or she should stay home. If someone in your family is experiencing symptoms or received a positive test result within the past 14 days, your child should stay home.

Additionally, please complete the form below to report any COVID-19 exposure or risk of exposure so that we can help prevent spread of the virus during Alexandria Soccer Association (ASA) activities.

The guidelines below are designed to comply with safety standards recommended by state and local officials in order to limit the risk of transmission of the coronavirus. Coaches have received instruction on how to implement current guidelines through modified curriculum and to correct on-field behaviors as needed. Players unwilling to adhere to the safety standards will be asked to remain at home. As we continue to move through reopening phases, we recognize the inherent risks associated with playing youth soccer.

General Guidelines
  • Participants and coaches will strive to maintain a social distance of 10 feet at all times
  • Programming & play will maintain physical distance (no scrimmaging or game-like environments)
  • No physical interactions (high fives, handshakes) are permitted
  • Participants will not share water bottles or any equipment except a soccer ball (touching the ball with hands is prohibited)
  • No more than 250 persons are allowed per field (Phase 3)
  • No spectators are allowed within fenced-in field areas
  • If possible, drop off and pick up should happen within 5-10 minutes of scheduled training sessions (i.e. please do not drop kids off 30 minutes early).
    • Program directors will be staggering start times to minimize contact between those entering and exiting
Staff & Coach Guidelines
  • Coaches will wear masks when it is impossible to maintain 10 feet of social distance
  • Coaches will facilitate programming that aims to maintain 10 feet of physical distance between participants 
  • Coaches will manage cones and equipment
  • Coaches will utilize hand sanitizer before sessions and after handling equipment
  • Coaches will wipe down public equipment (i.e. goal posts) if utilized and/or high contact area surfaces every two hours as needed
  • Coaches will not share personal equipment with other coaches
  • Coaches will wash pinnies between training sessions
  • Coaches will direct players when they arrive and will give clear instructions and guidance throughout training sessions
  • Coaches will answer a verbal screening questionnaire before programming begins
Participant Guidelines
  • Participants should minimize items brought to the field. We understand that some programs may require more equipment, but if possible, please leave soccer bags at home and arrive with just water and a soccer ball.
    • Participants will not share water, clothing or personal items
  • Participants will strive to maintain a social distance of 10 feet at all times. 
    • No high fives, handshakes or physical contact is allowed
  • Participants are welcome to wear a mask while playing, but it is not required
  • Participants should refrain from touching their face
  • Participants will not touch cones or handle equipment
  • Goalkeepers (& field players) will not handle soccer balls, with or without gloves
  • Participants will listen to their coaches & be flexible! Coaches will help facilitate areas for water (& bags if necessary) and may ask players to move personal items to make room for other groups. Please be willing to adjust as needed as we all work within the guidelines.
    • Participants who are unwilling to adhere to the safety guidelines will be asked to remain at home.
Field Notes
  • Public restrooms are open at fields (please maintain social distance and wash hands)
  • Please adhere guidelines in safety related signages at all facilities

Program Specific Policies:


  • Participants should plan to bring 1 gallon (128 ounces) of water. (If your family does not have a water bottle of this size, please send multiple bottles). 
  • Participants are not allowed to share water
  • Camp staff will have emergency water on hand in case a child runs out but please plan to send your child to camp with the recommended amount.


  • Staff will monitor the entry/exit locations to limit nonessential visitors throughout the day. 
    • Prior to camp you will receive a specific drop off and pick up time with the goal of staggering arrivals and departures of all campers. Please try to adhere to your time if possible.
  • After drop off, parents are not allowed to remain within the fenced in field area


  • Camp staff will conduct a verbal health screening with each participant and a guardian upon arrival each day
  • Campers will be grouped into ‘“teams” with a maximum of 8 players and 2 coaches
    • Campers will be assigned to a tent with their team. Camp staff will aim to keep tent and team assignments the same throughout the week.
    • Campers will be assigned a hula hoop within their team tent where they will put personal bags, lunch and water each day. 
  • Activities and breaks throughout the day will be staggered to reduce the number of campers in a single area at one time.
  • Hand sanitizer will be on site and will be provided by Camp Director (campers are encouraged to bring their own as well!)
  • Camp staff will wipe down equipment and high contact areas throughout the day as needed and at the end of each day


  • No indoor space will be used this summer — If inclement weather is predicted and fields are assumed to be ‘unplayable’ OR if the weather will create a challenging experience the ASA camp staff will make the call to cancel camp the day before with the information we have available 
  • Excessive heat — In the past, ASA camps have utilized indoor space some afternoons in cases of extreme heat. Without the option of indoor space ASA camp staff will make a decision the day prior on camp cancellation due to heat.

Summer Academy practices will be following the outlined safety policies laid out above.


  • There will be a mandatory coaches meeting on July 1st at Henry Polk to discuss procedures and curriculum — Coaches MUST ATTEND or will not be involved.
  • Coaches will clean equipment between sessions/after each session
  • Each participant will have a personal training areas OR social distance will be maintained during collective play
  • Coaches will work with same group of players during a session to limit crossover
  • Parents must remain outside the fenced-in court area
    • If parents stay to watch from outside the fence they should practice social distancing
  • Coaches will use hand sanitizer before and after each session
  • Coaches will wear a mask when within 10 feet of participants
  • There will be a 15 minute window for drop off and pick up to minimize participant overlap between training sessions


    • Will keep backpacks/water bottles outside of court area, 6 feet apart from each other
    • Will NOT share water
    • Will sanitize hands before and after sessions
    • Will not touch any equipment
    • Pinnies will only be used once per session and washed in between uses


Pre arrival  — Coaches are screened by Program Director via phone or email earlier in the day.


    • 30 minutes before the session begins coaches will arrive. All equipment is cleaned and zones placed on court and session plan reviewed.
    • Rules and procedures reviewed and safety equipment (cleaner, sanitizer, masks, etc.) handed out
    • Stations set up outside of court with individual spots for each participant’s water bottle (bags are discouraged)
    • “Front desk” set up with rosters for check-in and hand sanitizers

Check-in — Players should be dropped off and form a social distanced line (marked off by cones) for check-in & hand sanitizer.