CCL PRO23 Player Profile + Special Guest

ASA is participating in the Men’s CCL Pro23 League over the summer and we’ve been featuring a new player each week to share a bit about his soccer background. With the team’s final home game this weekend we have a special edition featuring Thanos Androus, 2002 Academy player and PRO23 member, along with his younger brother Elias!

ASA’s inaugural PRO23 season is off to an exciting start with a winning record of 2–1–1. Coach Will is pleased with the development and performance thus far and with two regular season games left, is looking forward to finishing strong. This Saturday though, the PRO23 team will have to compete in their final home match without their fearless leader. Coach Will is headed to Charleston, WV to coach his 2006 State Champion boys team at the USYS Regional Tournament!

In this week’s installment of “meet our PRO23 team” we’d like to highlight Thanos Androus, along with his younger brother Elias, a 2006 player who is headed to the Regional Tournament in West Virginia.

Thanos, how did you get involved with ASA’s PRO23 CCL team?

I saw the information posted and thought it would be a good opportunity to play with and against college level players. I also know Coach Will from futsal (he coaches the 2002 ID team) so I knew what to expect from him coaching wise.

Tell us a little bit about your playing background? Do you play high school soccer? How long have you played club soccer?

I’ve played Varsity soccer at Episcopal High School since my Freshman year (I’m going into my Senior year). I’ve been playing with ASA since I was U5 and I started playing travel (Academy) at U9 with Coach Ryan Rich.

Thanos Androus dribbles the ball during an away game.

Elias, in this final week before your team heads to the Regional Tournament, what are you most excited about?

I’m excited about spending time with my teammates and winning. (We like the confidence!)

Elias Androus, 2006 player, plays in a game during the Spring 2019 season.

After winning the state championship did Coach Will’s training and game plan change at all?

Not really. We’re doing a lot of the same things that helped us win the state championship, like working hard in training and eating healthy foods, such as quinoa pasta.

Back to Thanos, tell us about one of your favorite soccer memories.

I’ve spent three summers in Brazil training at Cruzerio through a residency partnership they have with ASA and I’ve really enjoyed those times. It was great to train and travel throughout the country with my teammates.

L: Thanos plays pickup futsal against teammates during down time in Brazil. R: Thanos dribbles out of pressure during a showcase match in 2019.

What do you hope to get out of your Pro23 CCL experience?

I want to work on my pace of play and get used to playing with bigger, faster players to help prepare me for the next level.

In that realm, Elias, What’s your favorite thing about playing for the ASA U13 Boys Red team?

I like my team. We all play to win on the field but we have fun off the field as well.

The 2006 boys red team poses in their 2019 State Championship t-shirts.

Last question for both!

Thanos, what are one or two of your favorite qualities in a teammate?

I like teammates who stay positive and who are committed to winning.

Elias, imagine you’re in the huddle before the very first game of the regional tournament. The warmup is finished and the team is about to take the field. Put yourself in Coach Will’s shoes — what do you tell the team?


LOVE it. Best of luck to the 06’s (and 07 boys!) as they travel to the Eastern Regional Tournament and good luck to our PRO23 team in their final home game. Come out and cheer them on, June 29th, 7pm @ Witter Field!

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