Curtis Wilson

Curtis started playing soccer when he was 8. He saw some kids kicking a ball around, jumped in and joined them, and have been hooked on the game ever since. When he was growing up soccer wasn't really on tv so he would read his dad's coaching manuals, and visualize some of the situations they depicted. He started helping his dad coach when he was 16.

Soccer has afforded Curtis the opportunity to travel across the U.S., throughout Europe and to some parts of Central America. He has coached boys, girls, men, women, state teams, regional teams, and college teams. Soccer has brought him great joy, been the catalyst for numerous friendships, provided me with an outlet to express myself, helped build my confidence, and challenged me with a variety of trials and tribulations. The joy of soccer is what keeps him engaged year after year — teaching learning and seeing others enjoy playing. When he's not coaching or watching soccer he's an avid golfer and pickleball player.

USSF B License
National Youth License
Radford University


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