Day 7—Futbol Sala at La Masia & a match vs. CF Palleja (Aug. 18)

We started the day walking down the street to La Masia, the new FC Barcelona Futsal training facility. We arrived for our futsal clinic right as the first team was ending their session. Unfortunately we did not catch sight of Messi or Suarez, but we did have an unbelievable experience inside their new futsal facility. FCB staff member, Jordi was welcoming and the players loved the clinic. Their only complaint… they wanted longer than the 1.5 hour session!

ASA players gathered together after an amazing futsal clinic at the incredible FC Barcelona training facility.

After Futsal we headed back to the hotel for lunch and a siesta!

Team ASA had to prepare for their friendly matches against CF Palleja. We headed to another sports complex. The complex included three pools, two fields and locker rooms. They welcomed us with open arms and were so happy to bring nations together during such a sad time here in Barcelona.

The boys were up first! From the whistle the pace of play was fast! The boys stayed focused and played evenly for the first ten minutes. CF Palleja was able to put one away. Our boys kept defending and held them until half time. The second half came with more pressure and we tried to make chances to counter attack.

Unfortunately we were not able to hold them, they scored two quick goals and one more right before the final whistle. The game finished 4–0 with CF Palleja winning the match. Our boys fought hard and learned a lot about international play.

The girls came out strong and ready. They created chances on goal but were unable to put one away. CF Palleja was creative and fast. They netted 2 goals 15 and 20 minutes in, but ASA kept going and fought until halftime. In the second half we hit the crossbar and edged one right outside the goal. They dominated play for most of second half but just couldn’t finish, the game ended 2–0, CF Palleja was victorious.

The girls showed grit and determination and also learned a lot from international play.

We headed to the hotel for dinner and a good night’s rest!

Stay tuned for Day 8 — Beach day & Camp Nou tour!

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