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Thank You!

Thank you for volunteering to manager your child’s team. We appreciate your time and effort and have listed helpful information and resources below for leagues and tournaments. Don’t hesitate to reach out to Jennie if you have questions at [email protected].

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Game Day Policies



    • Sample NCSL blue game card
    • template to print rosters
    • ASA / NCSL contacts
    • Procedure for rescheduling games
    • Link to team schedules

Additional Policies & Instructions

There may be times when your coach arranges a guest player to join your team for a game or tournament. Guest players are kids who play on another team within the club that is the same age as your team or younger (never older). The coach is in charge of arranging guest players and you should not coordinate this unless asked to help specifically. When you have a guest player joining your team you will need to have a few extra documents on hand. It is often easiest to get these documents from the team manager of the guest’s team.

  • NCSL Guest Player Policy — you will need a copy of the guest’s player card, a copy of the roster from the guest’s home team (i.e. if she is on the White team, you will need a copy of the White team’s roster), and you will need to add the guest’s name to the blue game card prior to the game. U11+ teams may have 5 guest players per game, U9-U10 teams may have unlimited guests. A player may only compete in ONE (1) NCSL game per day.
  • CCL Guest Player Policy — you will need a copy of the guest’s player card and you will write the player’s name onto the game card. The coach should alert Chris Arnold if he or she plans to use a guest player/s in the week prior to a game.
  • Tournament Guest Player Policy — each tournament varies a little bit but generally you will need a copy of the guest’s player card, a copy of her medical release form, and you’ll need to manually add her name to the team roster before you submit the documents to the tournament.

ASA provides access to an app called TeamSnap that helps manage practice and game schedules. You are responsible for updating and maintaining the schedule in the application and updating the roster at the beginning of the season. Coaches use TeamSnap to track availability for practices and games and to communicate with the team (there is both an email and a chat function!). You can also use the app to communicate with the team as you have higher access than everyone else. Here are instructions for setting up your team at the beginning of the season.


Jennie registers teams for all tournaments. You will receive a confirmation email once your team is registered for a tournament and you will be in charge of uploading the applicable documents to the tournament website. Almost all tournaments require virtual check-in by uploading the documents prior to the start of the tournament. You will receive instructions from the tournament and here is a helpful tutorial (~2 minutes) for uploading documents to GotSoccer.

Players are more susceptible to injuries during cold weather, particularly from pulled or torn muscles. Players should be encouraged to wear appropriate clothing to aid body heat retention yet afford adequate movement without creating a safety hazard. As a general rule, training programs will be cancelled if the projected temperature (including wind chill) at the start of training is projected to be below 25 degrees Fahrenheit. At times, high school teams may opt to train when the temperature is 25 degrees or below.

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