ASA School+

ASA School+

An Activity & Learning Experience

Weekday programming Mondays – Fridays to accommodate any virtual learning environment. Flexible options that work for your family!

1st - 5th Graders

Full day, 8:00am - 3:30pm


Half day, 8:00am - 12:00pm

We are thrilled to announced that School+ programming will be extended five weeks, through the end of 2020! The program will utilize both outdoor space and the gymnasium at GW Middle School. The extended weeks of programming will run November 16 – December 18. (The gymnasium will be used for the Tuesday-Friday Learning Lab).

ASA School+ is a weekday activity and education experience that aligns with public and private school’s virtual learning programs this Fall. Alongside community partners like ACPS and the Department of Recreation, Parks and Cultural Activities, we’re offering ASA School+ with a hybrid of day and half day schedules to supplement learning and offer child care opportunities for busy parents.

While City of Alexandria residents have first priority, we look forward to welcoming children from neighboring communities and providing a safe and fun out-of-school experience.

Parks & Rec
SEssion 2 Details:

Monday only programming will continue to take place outdoors at GW Middle School. The Tuesday-Friday Learning Lab extension will take place both outdoors and indoors in the gymnasium at GW Middle School. Kids desks will primarily be set up indoors. Breaks in between classes, craft time, movement time and any time outside of class will be spent outdoors if possible.

  • The Learning Lab has a max capacity of 50 kids (utilizing space in the gym & foyer)
  • Masks are required, for all participants, at all times when indoors
  • Minimum 10 ft of spacing between all desks/tables/chairs
  • Participants will utilize specific entry and exit pathways that minimize congestion and cross pod movement both leading into gym foyer and inside gym
  • Temperature checks are required for indoor use at GW and School+ staff will conduct a contactless temperature check when students arrive each day
  • Sanitization stations will be spread throughout space as appropriate.
  • Staff will disinfect high use areas handles/doors and other high contact surfaces

Alexandria Soccer is thrilled to offer safe programming this fall in coordination with public and private school’s virtual education models and online learning structures. Options include Monday programming only and/or Tuesday – Fridays.

Monday programming will offer a mixture of camp style games and activities along with arts and crafts and an educational theme component. ACPS students should plan to complete their asynchronous learning requirements before attending School+ on Mondays. On Mondays we will offer rolling drop-off from 8-9am to account for varying workloads and responsibilities. 

On Tuesdays – Fridays counselors will help guide and facilitate virtual learning for each participant’s schedule throughout the week. They will ensure kids are “present” for each Zoom class throughout the day and supplement down time and movement time with camp activities. Counselors will help facilitate both public and private school online learning.

Kids who participate in the virtual learning environment are responsible for supplying personal learning device (laptop, Chromebook, etc) and headphones, any applicable worksheets and writing utensils. ASA will provide WIFI and electrical power.

Session 2 Schedule:

Please note that the week of November 23 School+ will be open on Monday and Tuesday and be closed, Wednesday-Friday for the Thanksgiving holiday. This aligns with ACPS’ schedule.



Monday Only

Five Mondays of programming coinciding with many public schools asynchronous learning day. Activities will include games, crafts, sports and an education component each week. (ACPS students should complete their asynchronous responsibilities before attending School+ on Mondays).

Tuesday - Friday

Five weeks of an indoor/outdoor virtual learning environment. Counselors will help students move through their virtual learning day and supplement breaks & movement times with in-person activities!

Monday - Friday

Customizable options of online learning and supplemental activities that work with your child's online school schedule.

Session 2 — Full Day Registration | 8:00am - 3:30pm


November 16 - December 18
$ 375 five weeks
  • Select full day during registration
  • Kindergarten - 5th Grade
  • Select location during registration
  • Financial Aid available | Contact ASA Office

Tuesday - Friday

November 16 - December 18
$ 1,275 five weeks
  • Select full day during registration
  • Kindergarten - 5th Grade
  • Financial Aid available | Contact ASA Office

Monday - Friday

November 16 - December 18
$ 1,650 five weeks
  • Select full day during registration
  • Kindergarten - 5th Grade
  • Financial Aid available | Contact ASA Office

Session 2 — Half Day Registration | 8:00am - 12:00pm

Half Day Mondays

November 16 - December 18
$ 200 five weeks
  • Select half day during registration
  • Kindergarten - 5th Graders
  • Select location during registration
  • Financial Aid available | Contact ASA Office

Half Day Tuesday - Friday

November 16 - December 18
$ 680 five weeks
  • Select half day during registration
  • Kindergarten - 5th Graders
  • Financial Aid available | Contact ASA Office

Half Day Monday - Friday

November 16 - December 18
$ 880 five weeks
  • Select half day during registration
  • Kindergarten - 5th Graders
  • Financial Aid available | Contact ASA Office


Masks | All staff and counselors will wear masks at all times. Participants are not required to wear masks EXCEPT when using indoor restrooms. Programming will aim to maintain social distance between participants.

Screening | All participants and counselors are required to conduct a self screen for COVID-19 before coming to School+ each day. ASA will provide screening questions to participants.

Counselor to Participant Ratio | The program will be staffed with an ideal ratio of 1 counselor to every 12 participants, at a minimum. *There are times, during activities things like snack or water breaks where the ratio may not be in place due to bathroom breaks.

First Aid & CPR | ASA School+ programming is staffed with counselors who are CPR and First Aid Certified.

EpiPen | All locations will have counselors on staff that are educated in administering an EpiPen.

Preparing Your Child

Kids should bring the following each day:

  • water (at least 1 gallon)
  • sunscreen (should be reapplied throughout the day)
  • change of clothes
  • mask (required when using indoor restrooms and if distancing is not possible)
  • snacks + lunch
  • computer / learning device (labeled with name)
  • worksheets or notepad as needed along with writing utensils
  • headphones

The weather may be unpredictable. Your child should wear comfortable clothing for being outdoors and we recommend bringing a jacket or extra layer for warmth.

Policies & Procedures

All participants must report to the check-in tent, introduce themselves and be checked in by an ASA staff member. This must be done everyday.

● Medical Information: If your child has any medical equipment or medications with them, you must inform the ASA School+ staff at check-in. The staff will make a note of this on their roster sheet.

● Daytime Phone Number: At drop off, a daytime number must be listed in case of an emergency.

● Pick-up Information: If someone, not on the family household account, is going to be picking up your child (babysitter, nanny, carpool, friend, etc), you must let the School+ staff know so they can make a note of it.

All participants must confirm with the designated School+ staff member at the check-in/check-out location that their adult has arrived and they are ready to leave. The designated staffer will confirm they’re ready to leave and mark off the child’s name.

● Adults who are listed on the family household account are eligible to pick-up their own child

● Anyone not on the family household account must be approved during drop off or via a phone call prior to pick-up

ASA School+ requests that all medications that can be taken prior to or after programming be administered at home.

If medication must be administered during the day please fill out THIS FORM and provide it to the camp director, along with the medication, on the first day of camp. 

ASA School+ programming is prepared to navigate weather challenges throughout the fall. With ample coverage at each site programming in light rain or intermittent showers will be possible. All sites will have dry boxes available to house electronics in case of a weather emergency. Thunderstorms and heavy rain may cause cancellations but program staff will be flexible in offering half days as available.

Staff will aim to communicate with parents the evening before, using a color coding system to best prepare parents for any status changes that will be confirmed each morning. Red = cancelled, Yellow = tracking weather that is a concern, Green = on.

We appreciate your flexibility as we navigate the daily challenges!

For questions about ASA School+ please email Tommy Park at [email protected].