A Good Soccer Diet Starts with Optimal Carbs

by Jennifer Schwartz, Alexandria Soccer Injury Prevention & Fitness

Healthy ASA Academy Soccer players are smart and vigilant about their nutritional intake. They will learn that the hours spent at training can be optimized by adapting to a healthy soccer diet.

Carbohydrates are a key macro-nutrient for the growing soccer player. Most of us have heard about ‘carb-loading’ before a game or tournament, however the ideal regimen is more complex than focusing on one meal per week. Optimizing the body for 90 minutes of soccer requires a diet rich in complex carbohydrates everyday.

The ASA Injury Prevention and Fitness program works closely with a chiropractic physician and nutritionist, Miranda Wall to educate our community on how to eat well on a budget.

Check out our lists of budget friendly optimal carbohydrates:

Why are they budget friendly?

They are budget friendly because they are packed with micro-nutrients, fiber, and protein. This makes them almost a complete meal. You will NEVER find this is in white bread, pasta, or wheat bread. Replace those with items from our list!

That’s right, leave the pasta routine behind. It doesn’t serve our nutritional needs as well as complex carbs. Our optimal carb list includes complex carbs which have been proven to be better for us in several ways; energy storage, hormonal signaling, and digestive.

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