After School Fuel: Snacks for Your Child’s Backpack

by Jennifer Schwartz, Alexandria Soccer Injury Prevention & Fitness

Making sure your kids eat well as they go from school to after school sports and activities can be tough. It’s important to plan ahead and have healthy snacks ready in your child’s backpack so they can fuel their bodies properly in between activities. Having tasty and convenient snacks ready will help prevent your kids from reaching for things like chips, cookies or sodas after school.

Kids need to supply their bodies with proper nutrients to be successful at school and practice and to stay healthy. During a typical school day there is a wide gap between lunch and dinner and a balanced snack will help your child stay energized and focused as well as help them recover from tough practices and prevent injury down the line.

These easy snacks options contain protein, fiber, a little fat, and lots of nutrients to help keep your kids fueled properly.

Dr. Miranda Wall, DC, MS

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