ASA Partners with MB Athletics

ASA partners with MB Athletics to educate Coaches on Communicating the Mental Game to Athletes

One of the newest editions to ASA’s support staff is Mental Training Consultant and Peak Performance Expert, Robyn Kenney. She is the Director of a locally-based organization, MB athletics. On March 23, 2019, MB Athletics and ASA are co-hosting a Coaches Clinic on Communicating the Mental Game at Charles Houston Recreation Center.

Coaches will learn new ideas that motivate players to be fully attentive, intense and risk takers at practice, and mentally prepare athletes for competition and selections. “It will be a very interactive Clinic,” said Robyn, Director MB Athletics. “Coaches will share success stories and practice new tools based on the latest research so they can implement these proven strategies immediately on the field.”

The Coaches Clinic will build on the work Robyn did this fall with the ASA Academy Program. She delivered mental training concepts and tools to a handful of Academy boys and girls U13-U18 teams. Over the course of the season, 220 athletes learned proven strategies to play with more focus and intensity in their soccer matches and bounce back faster from on-field mistakes.

Robyn Kenney does a pre-practice exercise with the 2004 boys.

“The mental training helped my team tremendously, especially this past weekend at a big tournament in North Carolina. We played in the top group, and won the
tournament. I know one player in particular who was having trouble finishing brought the paper that he worked on during your session to the tournament. He scored two big goals for us. Thank you! This group was very receptive to the training.” — Coach Chris Arnold

The 2018 Fall Mental Training Program produced promising results. Academy coaches observed improvement in their teams’ overall performance. More athletes started using a mental routine before their matches (up 9%). Athletes said they felt more confident executing under pressure and the frequency in recovering from on-field mistakes went up by 13%.

“Working with ASA Soccer coaches is very rewarding, because they prioritize creating a caring and positive culture,” remarked Robyn. “Teaching them theses skills helps ASA coaches make an even bigger impact in our community.”

Robyn Kenney talks with 2004 girls after a practice in the Fall

For more information on ASA’s Coaches Clinic on Communicating the Mental Game taking place on March 23, 2019 from 5pm-7pm at Charles Houston contact Robyn Kenney at [email protected]

To learn more about Robyn visit https://www.mindfulnessathletics.com/about_us or
follow her on Twitter @_MBAthletics

The mental aspect of the game is often overlooked in youth sports. We’re proud to offer the opportunity for our players to develop and grow in this area. Thanks Robyn!

To learn more about Robyn visit www.mindfulnessathletics.com

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