ASA Players Selected for ODP Local , State and International Trip Teams

We’d like to congratulate the following players who were selected for ODP teams this season.

Northern District ODP

  • Brendan Murray | 2002 Boys
  • Daniel Colucci | 2005 Boys
  • Meaghan Bucceri | 2005 Girls
  • Caitlin Bucceri | 2003 Girls
  • Michaela McCormack | 2003 Girls
  • Lindy Moss | 2001 Girls

State ODP

  • Graydon Campbell | 2005 Boys
  • Samuel Herrmann | 2005 Boys
  • John Matlock | 2005 Boys
  • Cole Mueller | 2005 Boys
  • Quentin Herrmann | 2004 Boys
  • James Vandehei | 2004 Boys
  • Mara Boggess | 2004 Girls
  • Kayla Stephens | 2001 Girls

Additionally, we’re proud to announce that two 2004 Academy players, Mara Boggess and James VandeHei, were recently selected by the state of Virginia to attend the Virginia ODP international trip to Paris and Bordeaux this summer. Both the girls and boys teams will spend March 26 through April 4th traveling, competing, and playing games in France. Thirty three ’02 and ’04 girls and thirty five ’03 and ’04 boys will travel to France as members of the teams.

Boggess and VandeHei both traveled with ASA to Barcelona, Spain last year as part of our International Trips program. You can read about the trip here!

Both Boggess and VandeHei began their soccer days in the ASA recreational league and participated in the now retired “Challenge Program” (currently the Junior Academy) when they were younger. Their individual success is a testament to their determination, hard work and their commitment to coming back year after year. Boggess helped lead her team to an undefeated season capped off by winning the NCSL Division 1 League. VandeHei’s team had a strong season as well, finishing fourth in NCSL Division 1.

VandeHei with the ball during a game in Barcelona, Spain in 2017 (as part of an ASA International Trip).

Although the team victories are nice, at ASA our goal is to develop well rounded players and this mindset is what leads our curriculum development and program growth. We value our players’ development, both technically and mentally, more so than winning individual games and we’re proud to have watched many of the selected players grow up in our programs.

Boggess runs with the ball during a game in Barcelona, Spain in 2017.

Congratulations to all players as they represent Alexandria in all external programs and competitions and best of luck to James and Mara in France this summer! We look forward to following your journeys.

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