Coach of the Month: Youssef Abdou

Each month we feature one ASA coach to learn more about his or her background and personal story and this month we’re featuring Coach Youssef!

What programs do you coach at ASA and how long have you been coaching with our club?

I recently joined ASA during the 2018 fall season. The programs I’ve been coaching are: Advanced Ball Mastery, Junior Academy and Futsal Ball Mastery… and I plan on coaching in the Futsal League this winter.

When did you begin coaching? What got you interested?

After completing my career playing soccer as a goal keeper back in Morocco, I first developed an interest in coaching goal keepers. I then moved to coaching field players and have been doing so for almost a decade. While coaching youth players, I enjoy seeing them develop their technical and tactical skills and then applying them in the game.

Coach Youssef works with players during a Winter Futsal Ball Mastery session.

What is one of your favorite things about coaching for ASA?

Coaching at ASA is enjoyable. The club provides opportunities for coaches to develop their coaching skills by allowing them to join and coach various programs that the club offers. My other favorite thing is the club’s emphasis on style of play and teaching players how to keep possession and build play from the defensive half of the field.

Where did you grow up and what’s your favorite soccer memory from your childhood?

I grew up in Morocco where I started playing at a young age for the main club of the city, Olympic Club Safi (OCS). I played my way up from the junior level to the senior level within the club. My memories from my childhood, beside playing all day long in the neighborhood’s streets, would be watching European soccer leagues every weekend, including La Liga, Calcio, Bundesliga, and Premier League.

When you’re not coaching what do you like to do in your free time?

I usually play soccer on Saturdays and go hiking on Sundays. I also like going to Washington DC and taking part in the various festivals held throughout the year.

Who’s your soccer hero and why?!

There are many soccer players and coaches at the world stage that I like. Here I would mention Neymar and Pep Guardiola for both their mastery on the field and unique coaching style.

And finally….give us one fun fact about yourself. 🙂

Fun fact about me would be: When I’m not watching soccer, Iam watching rugby.

Thanks Youssef! We’re so glad you’ve joined our coaching staff!

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