Day 4—Lifting the Cup! (Aug. 15)

Our day started at the amazing indoor Futsal facility, home of Orange Futsal and the Italian National Futsal team. Orange Futsal hosted a clinic specifically for our players. The session was fast paced and full of learning opportunities. The facility was equally as impressive, a full size Futsal court, built in bleachers high above the court for prime viewing, locker rooms and office space. We’re adding this type of facility to the ASA bucketlist!

We headed back to the Centogrigio Sport Village for lunch and our final matches of the Alessandria Cup! The girls were up first with the aggregate was 3–1 in our favor. After the walk out they were ready to go. The girls started slower than their first game and went down 2–0 in the first half. With the aggregate now 3–3, half time was an important 10 minutes.

ASA girls listen to a halftime speech from Coach Will and Coach Katie.

The coaches were able to light a fire under the girls and they came out roaring in the second half. We dominated play and were able to put a goal away on a free kick. Sophie Lambert put the ball right over the keeper’s head and the crowd went wild! That goal put us ahead in the aggregate 4–3 and we were able to keep pressing for the final 15 minutes.

ASA picks it up in the secon half to secure the cup title!

The whistle blew and the girls cheered, they had won and were able to LIFT THE CUP!


Pregame talk with Coach Chris.

The momentum continued and we put away three more goals before the half, Jeffery Aguilar (2), Matthew Martinez (1). The second half was more of the same, possessing and creating chances. They played as if the score was 0–0 and everyone could see how badly they wanted the win! Sergio Cruz netted the last goal to make the game 5–0 and a solid W to LIFT THE CUP!


We headed to the hotel for more celebration! Team ASA was riding the wave of excitement! Stay tuned for Day 5 — Exploring Milan and flying to Barcelona for the final leg of the trip!

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