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Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

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ASA is committed to the following principles:
  • Establishing and sustaining a club community that shares the collective responsibility to address, eliminate, and prevent actions, decisions, and outcomes that result from and perpetuate racism.

  • Eliminating inequitable practices and cultivating the unique gifts, talents and interests of every child to end the predictive value of social or cultural factors, such as race, class, or gender, on participant success.

  • Respecting and championing the diversity and life experiences of all community members to support the club’s mission, vision, values, goals, and objectives.

  • Acknowledging that racism is often compounded by other forms of discrimination.
  • Personal and institutional racism have historically existed and continue to exist in the association, community and country. Combating racism in our club is a legal and moral imperative.

  • In this association, there are significant disparities between racial groups in participation and in organizational structure. These equity gaps exist because of inequitable access to opportunities that have significant intergenerational effects and perpetuate economic, social, and educational inequity. However, racial inequities were created over time and can be eliminated. Similarly, personal prejudice is learned and can be unlearned. Educators play a vital role in reducing racism and inequity by recognizing the manifestations of racism, creating culturally inclusive learning and working environments, and dismantling educational systems that directly or indirectly perpetuate racism and privilege through teaching, policy, and practice.

  • The purpose of this policy is to eliminate all forms of racism from the Association in conjunction with related Board policies.
Alexandria Soccer recently released a public commitment to take a stand against racism and not stay silent on the social injustices in our country. We also committed to listening and to learning. We committed to educating ourselves, our staff, and our coaches so that we can support our #ASACommunity and use our collective voice as a positive force for change. We take a stand against racial injustice.

June 2020

We are horrified by the acts of violence repeatedly inflicted on Black people, often at the hands of people in positions of power. It is deeply disturbing to turn on the TV, check social media, or even worse, receive a phone call in the middle of the night, bringing news of yet another egregious act of racism in the United States. These acts, incidents, and senseless behaviors and decisions are killing the Black community—literally.

Sadly, the current global pandemic’s disproportionate impact on Black people is also rooted in systemic racism and discrimination. This reality is being felt by members of the Black community in loss of life and economic devastation. We know that the Black community is laboring under this heavy, heavy burden directly and indirectly.  

We hold the ASA community even tighter right now. We condemn racism and anti-Blackness, and the violence that has killed so many Black people. We acknowledge that racism and white supremacy are part of the foundation of this country, and we hope that each day our team at ASA moves us closer to a more equitable and just future where a letter like this is not needed. We understand that many of our ASA community members deal with, feel, and live with racism on a daily basis. For many Black, Indigenous and People of Color (BIPOC) racism and state sanctioned violence are not new. What is new is today’s frequent filming of this violence, such that the world can see them in their most grotesque forms. Holding these atrocities up to the light is necessary, and they still take a toll on the hearts and minds of Black people all over the globe.

Diversity and Inclusion through access to programming is an important part of our mission at ASA. Soccer is the most popular sport in the world bringing together people from all races, cultures, gender and socioeconomic backgrounds, providing a platform to shape the future of individuals and communities.

We recognize the unique opportunity the game provides to build a better future; one that respects, values, and appreciates ALL people regardless of race or ethnicity. ASA hosts participants from ages two to adult with a goal to represent ALL of the community.

We share this message to highlight our commitment to building a comprehensive plan, and a transparent process, driven by important community experts and partners. We are open to dialogue and conversations even though they are hard and painful and may require help from those prepared to manage difficult conversations. We will listen to feedback and practice being an ally in anti-racist work. We will execute each point in our plan with an intent to meet our mission statement: to be the gold standard of community-based soccer clubs. Without addressing inclusion, diversity, racism, sexism, phobias and discrimination of any kind, we cannot call ourselves a club that is safe for ALL.

Are you interested in joining our team of board members, staff and community members focused on building an Inclusive & Anti-racist ASA?  Or would like to share your experience to help us improve as an organization supporting youth and adults?  Please email [email protected] today!