Fitness During Winter Months

The best Academy soccer players work year-round to be their best. This can be done in multiple ways: watching college or professional matches, reading about sports leadership, or improving the physical side of the game. Fitness, in its various forms, will make all aspects of soccer easier, learning and competing.

Tis the Season, winter is the time to set high fitness standards. Setting a high standard is an intention towards being your best by setting fitness goals and achieving them. It means that you are holding yourself accountable to unlocking the strongest and most competitive season that is possible for you. Having success with fitness will have compound effects for soccer performance and a competitive edge.

The three rules for improving fitness over the winter months:

1. Set high standards for your fitness, be the best example for your team.
2. Believe in the process of improvement and your ability to improve. Stay consistent and focused on being better everyday.
3. Set goals every 2 weeks that are measurable and realistic.

The next step for winter fitness success is organization.

  1. Select your workout options based on the equipment that is accessible. Can you workout in a gym? Do you have equipment at home? Will you be doing these workouts outside? These details will prevent the use of excuses.
  2. Keep written or digital records of your workouts.
  3. Plan your workouts around your soccer schedule. It’s important that you feel strong and fresh for your training sessions and matches. For example, some of the lighter workouts can be done on the same days as training but the squat workouts cannot be done on the same day as a soccer day.
  4. Use your Game Day Coach or Coach Jenn for advice and feedback. It will help you embrace your fitness challenges (we all have them) and learn how to overcome them.

U13+ Academy players will be receiving fitness homework over the holiday break. Once you are organized and motivated, ask yourself the following question: How many times a week do I participate in organized training or competitive games?

  1. If you are playing 1–2x per week
  • Sprint workout 2x per week
  • Interval 20s 1x per week
  • Strength Training 2–3x per week
  • Power and Speed or Futsal workout 1x per week

2. If you are playing 3x per week

  • Sprint workout 1x per week
  • Strength training 2x per week
  • Power and Speed or Futsal workout 1x per week

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