Sweden 2023 Highlights

This Sweden trip was so much fun! Everyday we got to play soccer and see so many amazing parts of Denmark and Sweden! I got so much closer to my teammates and got to bond with the other Swedish girls we played against. I made so many memories on this trip that I won’t forget. It was such a blast and I feel so grateful to be able to have gone on it. – Trip Participant

This summer we traveled to Sweden for the fourth time in almost as many years (we skipped a summer due to Covid). This year our 2010 and 2009 girls competed against and trained with Swedish clubs who have become friends over the years, did some sightseeing and swimming (brrrrr!), visited the famous Tivoli Gardens and bonded with their teammates and friends.

This trip was an amazing experience because I got to create new bonds of friendship with fellow teammates that I hadn’t really interacted with before, and I got to meet new players from Sweden with a common love of soccer. I had never done something like this until this year, but I would do it again because of the amazing memories I made. We had lots of activities, and there was a nice balance between soccer and sightseeing. This created a great environment where I was always excited for the day to come, because there were always new things to do. – Trip Participant

Trip Highlights:

This trip is truly the perfect mix of sightseeing, playing soccer, training and interacting with Swedish teenagers. It’s really special to see the ASA girls huddled up with their Swedish counterparts after a match, comparing music and dancing together.

I loved being on this trip because it helped me to interact with different types of people while also getting better at my sport. I got challenged to be out of my comfort zone and challenged in the soccer games. This was a once in a lifetime opportunity that I’m glad I didn’t give up. – Trip Participant

We’ll be back next year to enjoy the beautiful weather, the impeccable hospitality, wonderful sights and of course, great competition!

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