Academy Futsal 2023-24

As the fall soccer season gets underway we are excited to share information about the upcoming Academy Futsal season (formerly known as Futsal ID)! Over the past several years we have worked to integrate the Futsal ID and Academy Soccer season experiences. In transitioning the program name to Academy Futsal, we are taking another step to align these two programs (soccer and futsal) into a holistic annual experience for participants, coaches and families.

Academy soccer and futsal administrators and coaches will work together to create an optimum practice and game schedule for the winter season that integrates futsal play alongside the winter showcase events, especially at the high school age groups where schedules are most conflicted. We aim to create consistency throughout the year for all age groups and retain cohesion with teammates, curriculum, experiences and coaches.

Additionally, after extensive research and planning, and to maintain consistency and cohesion, ASA is adjusting the tryout structure and process by transitioning to a “Player Placement Process” for current Alexandra Academy players. The goal is to create more consistency with teammates throughout the year, retain team cohesion, avoid unnecessary tryout confusion and stress, and keep the process smooth with limited logistical challenges for families.

It is important to note that participation in the Academy soccer program does not guarantee a spot in the Academy Futsal program due to smaller roster sizes and potential indoor space limitations. The Futsal Growth Program and Futsal Premier League (anyone can enter their own team!) are options for players not placed on an Academy Futsal roster. However, ALL Academy players are encouraged to participate in Futsal during the winter months.

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Academy Futsal Player Placement Process:

How will players be evaluated?
Academy (futsal and soccer) staff will evaluate players at regularly scheduled Academy soccer training sessions during the first seven weeks of the soccer season, August-October 1st. Head coaches of each soccer team in an age group will work together in collaboration with the Futsal staff through a process designed to identify parallel soccer and futsal attributes such as:

  • Comfort level with the ball
    • Dribbling
    • Shooting
    • Passing & Receiving
    • Attacking 1v1
  • Decision making
    • Positional awareness
    • Speed of play
    • Creativity in moments
    • Problem solving
  • Ability without the ball
    • Quick transitions
    • Movement & Mobility off the ball
    • 1v1 and team defending
    • Shot stopping
  • Psychological
    • Character – Mental and moral qualities of an individual
    • Teamwork
    • Work ethic
    • Sportsmanship
    • Competitive spirit
    • Coachability

During the fall soccer season, coaching staff will also evaluate a player’s character and behavioral habits in line with ASA core values (teamwork, coachability, resiliency & humility). The Technical staff will work with Academy soccer and futsal coaches to build out rosters for teams within each of the age groups based on the fall season evaluation process.

  • RETURNING FUTSAL (ID) PARTICIPANTS: Academy Futsal (ID) participants from last season (Futsal ID 22-23) are invited to register for the upcoming 23-24 winter futsal season if they are interested in playing again. These participants are guaranteed a spot in one of the ASA Futsal experiences*. As noted above, Academy and Futsal coaches will evaluate players during the beginning of the Academy season (August – early October). From there, the coaches will work together to build winter Academy Futsal rosters, placing players appropriately within the program, with the goal of keeping teams very similar year over year. It is our aim to ensure that each player is placed appropriately to support their development and maximize their enjoyment of the futsal program. Only register your participant if they intend to play.


  • NEW ASA ACADEMY SOCCER PARTICIPANTS: Players new to ASA’s Academy soccer program (or those who have not played futsal with us before) are also invited to register for the Academy Futsal program. These players are evaluated during Academy sessions and placed appropriately within one of the Academy futsal experiences. This includes participants in the U9 age group who we know are “new” to the Academy program!


  • OUTSIDE PARTICIPANTS: Players outside ASA who are interested in joining the Academy Futsal program should also register. Based on registration numbers, these players will be invited to attend an Academy practice session for evaluation by the coaching staff from August 21st-October 1st. An additional ID/tryout day will be hosted in mid-October for external players if needed.

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Why play Futsal (and how does it complement my participant’s annual scope)?
The Academy Futsal program allows players to receive the most comprehensive Futsal experience in the region during the winter months when soccer is generally less active. ASA believes futsal and soccer to be complementary sports that equally support the growth and development of a player both as a soccer player and a futsal player. Holistically, futsal is a part of our annual development plan for individual players to reach their full potential. We encourage all those who love the sport of futsal to explore an opportunity to learn from certified coaches who have a passion for teaching the unique, fast-paced game.

Futsal Academy (formerly Futsal ID) features one to two practices per week, four levels of competition/commitment, and various local, regional, and national futsal competition experiences.

To review the four different experiences of the Academy futsal program, click here!

*The Academy Futsal program also includes the Futsal Growth Program. Futsal teams in this program will be coached by ASA futsal coaches, practice one day per week and play league games in an appropriately competitive division. They will not participate in any tournaments. Some kids may be placed on FGP local experience teams, and others may opt for this experience level.




For additional FAQs about the Academy Futsal program, please visit the full program page.

When will invitations for the 23-24 season go out?
Invitations will go out on a rolling basis beginning in early October. Many participants and teams will be set based on the returning players. Coaches and staff will work to supplement rosters as needed with new participants.

Will there be a break between the end of soccer season and the beginning of futsal?
Depending on your Fall Academy soccer schedule, there will generally be a one to three week break between the futsal and soccer seasons. (There is also a winter break from December 20th – January 2nd.)

Will my child lose their Academy roster spot if they opt not to play futsal?
No! Academy team roster placement is not affected by futsal participation.

How should participants register their intent to play?
Please register for “2023/24 Academy Futsal Player Placement.

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