2019 US Futsal Northeast Regional Tournament Recap

Highlight videos: Day 1, Day 2, (full tournament highlight reel coming soon!) ASA teams and coaches pose for a giant group photo during the Northeast Regional Tournament. [ 4 days. 13 teams. 10 coaches. 50 games. 2 quarterfinalists. 3 semifinalists. 1 regional champion ] US Futsal’s Northeast Regional Championship took place February 15–18 in Atlantic City, […]

Pre-session Routines | Good for Injury Prevention & Much More

Co-authored by Jennifer Schwartz, Fitness and Injury Prevention and Robyn Kenney of Mindfulnessathletics.com A Pre-session Routine is a specific process that prepares athletes to have the most productive and focused session possible. We are recommending a recipe of specific tasks that a player can adopt before beginning each training session. If done routinely players will […]

Day 7—Futbol Sala at La Masia & a match vs. CF Palleja (Aug. 18)

We started the day walking down the street to La Masia, the new FC Barcelona Futsal training facility. We arrived for our futsal clinic right as the first team was ending their session. Unfortunately we did not catch sight of Messi or Suarez, but we did have an unbelievable experience inside their new futsal facility. […]

Day 9—Final Match and FC Barca Home Opener! (Aug. 20)

We arrived at La Barruana for our final match of the tour. There was only one team available for a game so we combined our own teams of boys and girls into one coed team to play the match. It was a great experience and the other team was very skilled and disciplined. ASA playing […]