Futsal ID Tryouts 2019 | FAQ

It’s August which means it’s time to start thinking about Futsal ID!

Wait… what?!

Ok ok, we know that most kids are just kicking off fall outdoor practices and the first outdoor game is still weeks away. We don’t want to skip ahead but Futsal ID tryouts are approaching and we wanted to answer a few questions and let you know what the 2019–2020 Futsal ID season is going to look like.

First things first. In case you missed it, an ASA Futsal ID team won a National Championship for a third summer in a row! We took more teams to the State and Regional tournaments than ever before. In lieu of this program’s incredible growth over the past four years we’re adjusting tryouts this year to help make the program more accessible to all!


The ASA 2006 girls Futsal ID team poses in between games at the 2019 Virginia Futsal State Cup.


Futsal ID tryouts will be held DURING ASA Academy practices over a week long period in October (October 14–18). If you’re an ASA player you won’t have to attend an extra tryout session or squeeze in a weekend tryout. The Futsal ID coaches in each age group will attend tryouts for their futsal team and not their Academy practices for the set sessions.

You’re probably thinking, “Great! I don’t have to take my kid to a separate Futsal ID tryout in the middle of the Academy season… but I have some questions… how will this work?” We’ve tried to answer all questions below.


ASA 2005 boys and 2009 girls futsal ID teams.


After reading through the Q&A feel free to send us an email if we’ve missed something. ([email protected])

No time to read through this? Here are the quick hits:


Can kids OUTSIDE of ASA tryout during these sessions?

YES. Kids outside the club who are interested in playing Futsal ID should register to attend tryouts per usual and attend the sessions. These are the only scheduled ID tryouts this year.

Sounds like a good idea but my kid is not interested in playing Futsal ID this winter. Should he / she still attend practices on these days?

Definitely! Academy players should use this as an opportunity to improve in a small sided environment (kids will be grouped by those who are trying out versus those who are not).

If my kid will be attending practice that day regardless do I still have to register him / her?

Yes. Yes again. Please, please do. If kids aren’t registered we won’t have the session set up properly and won’t have an accurate count of potential players. An accurate number helps us begin to determine how many teams we can create per age group.

That reminds me, how many teams will you have per age group?

We’re projecting multiple teams per age group (three for boys and two for girls). This is our best prediction, but subject to change.

Futsal is played on a hard surface right? How will the kids tryout if they’re on turf?

Good question! Kids should wear flat shoes (tennis shoes, turf shoes, futsal shoes). We’ll be setting up the tryout fields to be futsal sized, using futsal goals and playing with a futsal ball. Essentially we’re recreating the futsal experience on turf. We brainstormed a lot of solutions to this challenge and determined this was the best and most efficient way to hold tryouts and maximize the amount of kids who can participate.

Ok — I got it. Register for tryouts. Send my child to tryouts with flat shoes. What should I know about the season?

Once tryouts are over we will select teams and send invites as soon as possible. Teams in the same age group may have a slightly different tournament and/or practice schedule throughout the season but every team can expect:

  • 2 practices per week
  • 1 (optional) explosive performance training session per week
  • 1 (optional) Goalkeeper training session per week
  • Participation in ASA’s Futsal League (January — March, games on Sundays)
  • Participation in ASA’s Futsal Cup (January 3–5, 2020)
  • Participation in one other tournament
  • **Some teams may participate in State and/or Regionals and Nationals— this will be determined by a team’s experience level on a case by case basis.**


ASA Futsal ID teams pose during the Northeast Regional Tournament in Atlantic City.


We believe futsal demands skills and mental strengths that are different from those required by a 90 minutes soccer game. Read more here, and come out to tryouts to learn more and explore this incredibly fun, fast and demanding game!

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