Johnatan Nuñez

Outreach & School Programs Manager

As Outreach Coordinator Johnatan supports programming and customer service for almost every facet of ASA. He works closely with Program Directors to support the club’s 14+ programs—ranging from the Rec League to Tournaments to Summer Camps. Johnatan also coaches in the Academy Program and Futsal ID Program.

Although Johnatan officially joined the ASA staff in a full time capacity in 2020 he truly “grew up” with ASA! He started playing in the Rec League at a young age before joining the Academy Program where he played until he graduated from high school in 2016. In 2014 he kicked off his journey to becoming ASA’s most well-rounded and experienced intern. Over the next six years Johnatan returned every summer to support the club at summer camps, in the office, and with various program and administrative tasks. Johnatan’s experience throughout the years helped prepare him to seamlessly transition into his full time role with a wealth of club knowledge.

Johnatan graduated from the College of William and Mary with a Bachelor’s degree in Government and a minor in Hispanic Studies. When not out on the soccer field he enjoys watching soccer, playing FIFA, or just enjoying the beautiful outdoors.


Deputy Director, Tournaments & Programs
Academy Registrar, Girls College Planning, & GK Director